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    Blue Sky Dream

    Nothing is ever so simple, and a series of events lead to another, as we explore the cause of death of a student.

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    Collection of Poetry. I will update it as frequently as I can.

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    The Mechanic

    Just a screenplay I wrote for a movie.

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    Somewhere in Space

    There, out in the darkness, a new planet awaits for Anna and the rest of mankind. Out in the billions of stars, and among black holes …

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Talk to me!


3 days ago Cynthia Silver☾✯ said:

A friendly reminder that there are two weeks left for you to submit your entry for Creative Contests' Summer Contest, which is due September 1st. I wish you luck, and happy writing!


12 days ago wxnderlust said:

A story with adventure, relationships, and plenty of tests, The Flare focuses on twins Frederick and Francesca as they succumb to the ways of an underground lab, surrounded by others close to their age that are stuck down for the exact same reason as them: they will all be the future of Earth.

If you'd like to know more, check out the book by visiting my profile or clicking the image above! Only the prologue is up so far, but I would love some feedback.

Of course, since this is a swap request, I'd be happy to read something of yours that is around the same length in return.

I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for your time. :)

▷ wxnderlust


18 days ago Christina Jane said:

I'd be happy to swap! I'll get to reading Somewhere in Space ASAP


19 days ago Samuel Roberts said:

Sure, I'd be glad to. I have a long swap list right now though, so it might be a bit.

When you're up to it, you can read "Monster Hunter".


30 days ago Mari said:

Hi I was wondering if you'd be interested in a swap! I'm working on a novel called "The Dark Triad" that I'm looking for feedback on, though I have some shorter poems as well if you would prefer! Just let me know! Thanks :)

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A Ballad of Two Old Dogs

(7 days ago)

The story's narration style is particularly cranky and lingers here and there on unimportant details. However, it suits the narrator, who... Read More »

A Wielder's Trials

(13 days ago)

Sorry it took me so long to write a review. Was busy with university stuff. Prologue:There's a good emphasis on the cold and isolation... Read More »