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    First Farewell

    A little girl experiences death for the first time.

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    A couple of sisters meet.

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  • Bokeh
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    Today It Rained

    Figgy Idol Round Three. It doesn't usually rain in Southern Nevada, and never quite like this.

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  • Gfqwfl0
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    On Feathered Wings of Vengeance

    *Lovely cover done by Amanda Cady.* Sometimes, even for those who shy from involvement, enough is just enough. Anything can be attempt…

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  • Mv3yz3f
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    Creative Destruction

    *Lovely cover done by Amanda Cady* Let us have a moment of outrage for all of the stupidly cruel people in the world that are capable …

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  • Heraldry
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    Divine and Fell

    This land has been called many names, but is now the continent of Ylisse. In the southeast is the Halidom of Ylisse, ruled in peace by…

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Talk to me!


about 1 month ago jaz said:

by five weapons... you mean the s ranked weapons of every kind in fates with the two ragnell weapons in awakening? okay.

ah yes. i kinda noticed that you just split chaps on my last read. i look forward to see how that goes.


about 1 month ago WingsofAnEagle said:

They're killing Figment, and want us to transfer to Underlined? What about our Fig friends? The community is being torn apart.

But now an alternate is in the making. A small group of Figgies are working together to build a new Figgie home!!! Help us resurrect our community, help us build the place we love. Spread the word, repost this message. If you want to find out how to help, contact WingsofAnEagle or visit this page--



about 1 month ago jaz said:

you should really play Fates. I really recommend it to you. Gameplay's not important though, story is better. The good thing on gameplay that I like is the fact that weapons don't break.

Ah! I see. That's good to know. So how many more chaps are you adding on the first book?

Yup. Extra month is good. At least I can relish it till the end of the year. But I really wish they'd have underlined ready at least a month before closing figment. I want to find a more solid site before it closes.


about 1 month ago jaz said:

for your other comment the other day

Little carved thing? I don't get it.

oh nope. I was asking how to spell tournbadour...

Ah so Sumia is a dark flyer? Okay.

I actually find fire redundant. I wish there was ice though.

15 minutes is normal for cooking. They're just being impatient.

oh nope. I meant if she doesn't run with weapons because she often trips and might stab herself with her lance or something:)

yup I get it haha.


what about the supports for the males? I didn't really take time on them. Anyway, don't like Chrom either.


about 1 month ago jaz said:

wait, so you mean that you have only played birthright out of the three and you hate it completely? i agree. its the worst of the three with conquest the best when it comes to storyline. my only complaint in conquest is the very little resources and experience they have.

olivia is the dancer, right? never bothered training her so she always falls in one hit. plus i think she's like azura, who's fragile no matter what kind of training you give her. henri... never tried training him. wish i did though. i was mostly biased in using my sniper robin haha.

oh you're planning a sequel? interesting.

yeah... they at least moved figment's closure to december 31 so thats good at least.

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A Wielder's Trials

(4 months ago)

All right then, Chapter One. I also review as I go, just so you know, so please bear with me if this seems scattered. So we're in a ra... Read More »


(4 months ago)

This is a very suspenseful beginning with our hapless and nameless character here. I'm assuming the purpose of this chapter is to introdu... Read More »