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    The Day I Met Him

    (WORK IN PROGRESS!) Clarissa Winters, just a normal girl. Until one day her day was turned around when she met the doctor. Join them …

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  • Tardis-doctor_00405277
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    Something Blue, Something Borrowed

    Just a little something to bring out my WHOVIAN pride! Heart it up! Sorry, anyway I hope you guys like it. This is my first poem on he…

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  • Art-girl-cat
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    Snowball, I love you

    This is a short narrative about the day I got my cat, it was a school project so I thought why not share it with you guys as well. :D

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    Can Romania be romantic?

    Julia and Andre were the best of friends until one day their world changed.

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    When Kylie's family has been missing for five days she must get help from everyone she knows even if one of them is her worst enemy so…

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Talk to me!


about 1 year ago Gracie said:

Hey Jules!

Gosh, it's been quite a while. How are you? I'm alright, considering school's been threatening me with murder lol. I haven't been active on figment for a while, and I've been feeling pretty sentimental these past few weeks.

So. I'm making an rp.

Now, I know that you're not active (at least I don't think so), and I'm not active either. So this rp will only be active during winter break. (December 16 to January 3) So a few weeks. I talked to Kelsy (Kitsune) about it, and about the plot of the rp (which I will post once I get out of school). Kelsy said that she would make another figment account for the rp if you and Lyra and Dara and Hush and some others would like to join.

It's gonna be a super fast-paced rp since it'll only be for a few weeks. I also want it to be a private rp, and not many members. There are seven total people that I've come up with (you, me, Kelsy, Lyra, Dara(Star Captain), Hush, and Jess The Espeon(though I'm pretty sure she's not active)) for now. If you want a friend to join, then that's cool, but I don't want more than 10 people total.

If you're interested, then that would be great! If not, than that's okay too. I just wanted to make this rp for old times sake, and maybe catch up with everyone really quick.

But I hope life hasn't been torturing you too badly, and I'll wait for your reply :D


over 1 year ago ❤Alex❤ said:

Hey jules its me don't know if you remember but i started a new disney high school if you want to join


almost 2 years ago J.D. Thomas said:

Hey there fellow Figgie! I was wondering if you wanted to swap? Please check out this small taste of a world I've been working on, feel free to have me read a book of your choosing, and I'm willing to also swap THOROUGH comments and reviews. http://figment.com/books/979629-The-Hunt-for-Shadows-Teaser-


almost 2 years ago DJV said:

Check it out! It’s on sale for the next couple days!

 photo Untitled-3_zpsjq0lku2z.png


about 2 years ago A.J Jennings said:

There is a unrest in the world, an unrest as old at the gods. It is the friction between those who seek power, and those who already possess it. (swearing, gore, sex. Not for the weak of heart) http://figment.com/groups/32174-A-Smoking-Field-rp-/memberships

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(about 4 years ago)

This was great, very action packed and moving. I would have liked it better if you could have described the characters a bit more, I foun... Read More »


(over 4 years ago)

I thought this was great nothing wrong, I don't know its just me but yeah I saw nothing wrong. I hope to read more of your books. Read More »