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    Wonderland's On Fire

    Jennifer wakes up in a strange doctor's room, at the clinic. It's a supernatural clinic, where you go during a traumatic event. What w…

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    Neverland Park

    Haley loves books, while her real relationships are questionable. All this changes when she decides to go to "Neverland Park" on vacat…

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    Button isn't a ordinary girl. She's a mass produced clone, used to keep older people at the retirement home as company for older peopl…

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    Alice is a robot. Watch as she makes the most of her last month, getting a boyfriend, having a good time and staying positive through …

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    The Light's Flames

    Avery and Colton go on missions helping humans who don't expect it. Of course they do, they are angels. It's not always easy, though.

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    Glenn is a cursed college student, or so he thinks. Laura doesn't notice him, he works at a mall, will his luck change?

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about 1 month ago C. Van Asch (Chesster) said:

Figment is moving to Underlined! Either transition when Underlined opens or find a new writing website. Save your writing!


about 2 years ago Karah (HAITUS) said:

I apologize if you have already received this advertisement.

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over 2 years ago Amelia Markey said:

Check out Vintage Ink’s latest contest - before it’s gone!

Interp. by maximillion

over 2 years ago Tori said:

Still willing to do a swap? I haven't been active in forever. My cousin made me start writing again.


over 2 years ago Leslie Biscay said:

Mind to swap and read "Just a Heart Beat" I haven't finished it yet. I barely started but if you like to give some critique to it. That would be awesome. Thanks. I loved your new book!!~ Laela

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(over 3 years ago)

Okay. I have a few suggestions. First of all, let me tell you what you did well. Your characters are really believable and your dialog... Read More »

No More Lies

(over 3 years ago)

I like this, and I like the beginning. I think your character is interesting. The thing I would suggest however is adding a bit more deta... Read More »