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  • Soul keeper 1
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  • Learn-tango-dance
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    Leaving our ghosts to dance

    I've started to dream again after a long time and some of my dreams leave me breathless and wanting something I've never experienced, …

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  • What did i do
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    What have I done?

    Short story about happiness that turns into horror in the blink of an eye. Sometimes we act with only some of the information in a sit…

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  • Lost
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    Scary how when you think you're in love, that sometimes if you're not careful, that person becomes your world. I will never let that h…

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  • Scary
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    The door to nowhere...

    Working on a new novel - not sure where I am going with it - let me know if this grabs you at all. Thanks.

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  • Parents
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    I can only hope

    Story told from a young man's POV of his life and his respect and love of his parents - looking back.

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over 2 years ago Poisoned Little Apple said:

Hey! Do you do swaps? If so want to swap? If you do can you read Even The Safe Can Become Perilous? Its for a contest and I'd love to see your thought on it before I submit it


almost 4 years ago Lily Jayne said:

Hello! So I came across your page and you look really interesting, as does your work. I love when interesting people give their thoughts and opinions on my work and my shorts story, My Piece of Broken Glass could really use some honest opinions. I will gladly read anything that is of similar length in return. Thanks Katelyn!


about 4 years ago Isabel Filippone said:

 photo output_VaYYCg_zpsdc5b54a8.gif

Img_2872 - edited

about 4 years ago Soley said:

Hey, I'm Soley! I'm new to Figment, and I just really need someone to read + comment or review "What's the Deal With the Andrews?", I just wrote it, and I'd love some feedback. If you choose to review, then under your review just write what you want me to read, or write it on my profile. Thanks! Happy New Years (:

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(over 6 years ago)

Fantastic job. I love the opening because I cannot remember my dreams and so I've begun to believe that maybe I just don't dream anymore.... Read More »


(over 6 years ago)

GOOD GOD A DAY that cover is beautiful. If you're looking for me later - you shall find me here. I need to put that on my answering machi... Read More »