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  • Your heartbeat
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    Your Heartbeat

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  • Dark waves2
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    Dark Waves: Rewrite

    Rated YA/teen nothing not parent approved in here. Stacy meets the mysterious Hunter out at her deceased uncles cabin. With stories su…

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  • Theknightspromisecoverwithwhitehorse_zpscace7ef5
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    The Knight's Promise

    Last update 12-16-14 All I ever wanted was Lucas Richards all I ever needed was him. And then Prince Edward Woodmen came to town and I…

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  • Burning
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    Burning with loss, rage, and fire. A mother must protect her son from the very same person who killed her mother.

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  • The_heart
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    All About Me?

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  • Family blood by nelle hirano
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    Family Blood

    Cover Credit Nelle Hirano! Normal life to me was simple. There were three major rules to living under my father’s roof. 1: never be ou…

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Magic fox profile legal with name2

8 months ago Naomi Folettia said:

Also, there's a possibility Covermakers Unite will partner with Figgie Fighters. Just to let you know since you are a mod of our group :)

Magic fox profile legal with name2

8 months ago Naomi Folettia said:


11 months ago Sarah said:

And I also miss chatting everyday :(


11 months ago Sarah said:

Gosh I'm so sorry I haven't replied!!! It's been a while since I've been on my laptop and for some reason when I finally got to it it deleted everything! I don't know if christopher got to it and erased my whole thing (most likely) but I can't get spotify back on my computer :( I need a new one soon, super soon haha! It's gotten pretty old and doesn't let me do tons of stuff cause it's that old! But I've been good, EXTREMELY busy with work. There's only three cashiers including me so I have to work a lot now. Gosh that job must be so amazing!!! I'm so glad you're happy Lea!!! And no I'm not in college yet, I'm going to be in January most likely. I just gave myself this semester off. I'm going to go for a business degree. And I also am thinking about going for being a physical therapist again. I wanted to be one for the longest time, then I changed it to being a writer, then to owning my own bakery and now back to possibly being a physical therapist. So SO many people lately have told me how they needed nurses like me because I'm so sweet and caring unlike the nurses and physical therapists now >< and I completely agree, it's why I wanted to be one in the first place. And I totally followed you on instagram!!! (I'm supernotsonatural) yes...it's a bookstagram account. I'm completely obsessed with books as you also are ;) hahaha


11 months ago Arietta Coleman said:

I got a pumpkin cheese cake muffin this morning, lol. Does that count? xD

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(about 1 year ago)

Hello! You might not have known but, with Cover Designs you can now help out a volunteer cover designer by asking for covers! This helps ... Read More »

The Other Side

(over 1 year ago)

<b> Review sponsored by The Long Haul </b> Thank you for being so patient about this review taking so long. Another chapter of this o... Read More »