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over 2 years ago R. E. Durbin said:

Hey, I just met and this is crazy, but here's my story (Seeds of Treachery). Read it, maybe.



Outgoing Message: Assassination complete.

Gunfire blasts screeched through the evening and echoed against the metal houses. Blue lightning leapt through the air towards him as Ahlir flew around a corner. A soldier jumped from hovercar onto the roof before him, powergun blazing. Ahlir bent and slid on his knees across the copper tiles of the roof, arching backwards to dodge the shot. He snapped up again and sped forward, his katana severing the human’s life-force with a quick flick of his wrist.

The sensors in his helmet displayed colorful warnings as attacks continued from above and below. His breath grew loud in his ears as more gunfire roared by, this time from both sides. It was more opposition than he’d expected.

Not taking any chances, are you?

He leapt onto the roof of another apartment building and withdrew a scrambling bug from his side pouch. Grey with blue stripes, it resembled a curled beetle when inactive. Activated, the resemblance only increased. The bug measured no more than an inch at best, thus fitting through almost anything. He could, of course, use a disruption spell, but he doubted his energy levels were high enough to take the drain such magic would demand. Magic came at a cost, despite what the humans believed.

He threw the mechanical bug into the air and watched as the gadget popped open as soon as it left his hand, flying off to the east. He whispered a concealment spell under his breath, “Nire lu cithl. (Clothe in darkness)” and felt a small, not much more than a brush, tug on his life-force the instant the last words left his tongue. The guardians of the Fountain didn’t wait long for their payment. Ahlir shook the cost off. A few minutes of life were nothing to an Eltha.