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    The Biography of Draco Malfoy

    I'll tell you the story of my life. From commence to conclusion, I will tell you all I remember, the good and the bad. But don't look…

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over 3 years ago CeceO (On&off) said:

SWAP? pls read either MY WIPS ON THE RUN or ADDICTIONS, thanks so much!


almost 5 years ago SophieMalfoyyX said:

Hai. I'm new and I was wondering if you can actually reply to comments on your profile cos no one has sent me one yet.


about 5 years ago Melissa Rose Thompson said:

I am a high school student who dreams of being a writer someday. I'll be going to college soon. I am entering a contest and REALLY could use the prize money. Could you please swap or at least read and heart my story "Wasps"? http://figment.com/books/472555-Wasps


over 5 years ago Hayley Rue Mockingjay said:

I have made a group for Hunger Games and Harry Potter fanfics called “Hunger Games/Harry Potter fanfics!” Join to read or share your own! http://figment.com/groups/9409-Hunger-Games-Harry-Potter-Fanfics-

Hayley x


over 5 years ago Natalia Davis said:

Hey, would you read my story Annalee and heart/comment/review it? I'll read one of your stories :)

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