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  • My little thoughts (2)
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    My Little Thoughts

    Just some of my thoughts on writing and books. I'm not making new chapters for the same thought so check for updates. Don't worry I'll…

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  • The three word story game 1
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    The Three Word Story Game

    *Cover by Hannah* The combined version of the three word story game I'm playing. It'll be updated periodically.

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  • A different kind of fairy tale
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    A Different Kind of Fairy Tale

    <b>Once upon a time . . . That's how all fairy tales begin, right? So does that make this a fairy tale? Sure, it breaks a few fairy ta…

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  • At midnight on new years 5
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    At Midnight on New Year's

    Normal, average, ordinary. All words that describe Raymond Dersyn. That is, until his sixteenth birthday. Average teenage problems? Th…

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  • Body in the woods 2
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    Body in the Woods

    *Cover by Hannah* Feight Alex never thought she was anything special, never dreamed she could possibly be anything but what she is; s…

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  • Dreamland (3)
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    Alicia finds herself trapped in Dreamland when she goes to sleep one night and doesn't wake up. Doctors call her brain-dead, her paren…

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(over 3 years ago)

This is beautiful and gripping. I like your writing style _______(insert better word than 'a lot' because I have no idea). Sorry if this ... Read More »

Mother Dear

(over 3 years ago)

Oh, and don't change the title. "Mother Dear" has more of an impact in my opinion. Read More »