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about 4 years ago Carlos Ordaz said:

Hello my name is Carlos Ordaz and like many of you I'm an aspiring author. Writing is my passion and I'm sacrificing time from college to pursue my dreams. It would mean a lot to me if you could swap with me. Just read anything on my page that interests you and I'll gladly return the favor. I would also appreciate it if you follow me but only if you think I deserve it after reading my work. Thank you for your time and support it means a lot. I'm just another aspiring author attempting to build a fan base


over 4 years ago Gabe Parsacala said:

Hey, Harna. Been on hiatus for a while. Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner. I've gone ahead and published the current chapters I have for Pacted. Hope you can give it a read when you get the chance.


over 4 years ago Kylie Marie said:

Hello all my fellow figgie!! I am currently competing in the Summer Romance Contest, I need your help.

Read my short story Paper Hearts, comment, hearts are loved (if deserved), and possibly spread the word about it!

If you want me to read something of yours, I'd be more than happy to.


over 4 years ago Madeleine G. said:


The time left for being a finalist in the contest I'm in is whittling down and I'm trying to reach my heart goal!

Please read/heart my SHORT story, "PERCEPTION OF DECEPTION" (on my page)!

I am willing to swap but a free read would be even better.





over 4 years ago Mackenzie Kelley said:

Hello there, I know you are probably sick of getting a million swap requests, but we are both lovers of literature. So it is my hope that you will be willing to put aside your reluctance or annoyance (maybe even both) and swap with me. If yes, then please read It't Not Okay, then leave a comment on my wall and I will return the favor. Thanks a million!

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Underneath the Mask

(over 4 years ago)

Wow Thank You soo much Tereina! That means a lot to me and I can continue the story but it will take me sometime because I currently have... Read More »


(almost 7 years ago)

This is classic and unique. I love the concept of just getting started, this really stands out from others, amazing job! keep writing :) Read More »