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    What Do You Say

    I wrote this song a while back. I just thought I'd throw it out there and see what people think of it. I greatly appreciate any feedba…

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    After the Impact

    Sarah Washer was beaten and left for dead. This attack put her in a coma for three days, and when she wakes up she is greeted by a gor…

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    Light of Mine

    This world is made up of so many different people and there will never be a time when everyone agrees. But that's okay. I don't have t…

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    Life in Death

    This writing is about two of my uncles who have passed. They were both avid Christians, and I have been moved by their strength and fa…

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    The Magic of Little Moments

    This was inspired by my recent trip to Disney. It's about how important it is that we appreciate the little things in life, and take t…

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    Mary M. Howard

    I wrote this acrostic poem for my English Poetry Project. It is about a lady that my grandmother knew as a child. She passed away and …

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2 days ago G. Francis said:

Hey, welcome to Creativity Bay! =)

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11 days ago Christian Morrison said:

Did you read the details of my most recent story? I don't know if that's something people do, but I use the details section a lot, so I thought I'd mention that.

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26 days ago Christian Morrison said:

Yeah, all the stories where people die and such. Exciting ;P

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26 days ago Christian Morrison said:

I'm glad, too! But now I have to log in like a normal person XP. I can't complain, though, since I don't have to go around with my gamer tag. Gamer tags can't even be used as pen names, so that would've looked real weird on stories.


26 days ago Snowgiinaa said:

Hey! Just wondering if you'd like to swap? Thanks! - Snowgina (just a newbie looking for views)

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My Reviews

A Walk Through the Woods

(11 days ago)

This is really good. I love the emotions presented in it. There are a couple minor grammar issues, but overall a great story. My favorite... Read More »

Reality Check

(3 months ago)

Your writing has a depth that I thoroughly enjoy. I love this poem. Read More »