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    So I...

    I wrote this book... so I married a unicorn Divorced a leprechaun, ran away from my leprechaun in-laws, kidnapped a dinosaur, dated a …

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    Styrka (A TMNT Fanfiction)

    Just another normal day for the turtles. Mikey is overreacting, Raph is mad at Mikey for over reacting. Leo is explaintg to splinter w…

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3 days ago Zach Wilder said:

hey cheyenne. idk if you remember me but... we met a couple years ago on here and became friends. i havent been on figment due to depression. and now figment is getting deleted... i was wondering if you maybe wanted my email before that happens?


over 1 year ago Ellie said:

over 1 year ago Ae Clane said:

Good day! If you have the time, please read one of my prose poems and let me know what you think about it. Also feel free to follow me. Thank you. :)


almost 2 years ago Juliet Mace said:

Hey would you like to trade? I will definitely read any of your works if you could review or critique the ward. It's my first comedy writing so it's a little rough. THANKS :)))))


almost 2 years ago Stormie "Ducky" McNeal said:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In Caldain, there is prophecy that never ends, the Repeating Prophecy. The people of Caldian, which are composed or fairies, elves, and mermaids, live in fear of the one day it'll take a wrong turn. There have been many times when the prophecy took a wrong turn, and the past give cycles have ended in peace.

Although this time, the elf the prophecy speak of has more than just the Repeating Prophecy to worry about.

Click on the poster above to read the new, re-written chapter!

-Stormie Dawn, Timelord of 221B Baker Street

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The Master's Regret

(over 2 years ago)

Nice base for a short tale. The plot over all is a well explained and in depth build off of the popular Sci-Fi series. On to the notes.... Read More »

<Project S.H.A.R.D.>

(over 3 years ago)

Statement: This was really good. I have got to say, the robot was clever. The way it began sentences made me laugh. It was something I... Read More »