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15 days ago bri said:

yours is engraved in my MIND


17 days ago bri said:

sorry, been a while ive been on here... ill add you but if anything happens mine is b_ballgirl1997@yahoo.com


about 1 month ago Shock! said:

yeah this all just seems super condescending and shitty, i'm sorry oyu have to deal with it. :( it's pretty common for parents to dislike when their ckids start becoming independent, and to blame whatever person helped you realize you don't have to be subservient to them. i also totally get not wanting to talk to them about it, especially since it sounds like they aren't willing to listen. that sucks that you can't talk to anyone without being undermined. :( i hope as you move into your own life they start being more accepting of your choices.


about 1 month ago bri said:

sorry i havent replied in so long! i have a hard time knwoing what to say esp when im busy irl and shit


about 1 month ago Shock! said:

oh my god figment has not been notifying me of comments almost at all?? wtf. it notified me of your last comment but not of any of your previous ones, i'm so sorry i missed all those. i hope things are doing better now. :( also your email didn't show up in the comment? i'm going to leave mine as a comment on my page, can you send me an e-mail when you see it?

anyway it sounds like your dad is being super shitty and condescending, jesus christ. i understand if he's concerned about you but he doesn't seem to want to talk WITH you at all, just AT you, like he's decided this is a problem without asking your input in it at all. if he thought this was a problem that was hurting you he should have approached it as a conversation, not a lecture, and should've been open to your view that this is not harmful to you. even if you're his daughter your relationships are your decision, not his. i'm sorry you had to deal with that shit. :(

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