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    The Games

    *IS ON HIATUS UNTIL THE END OF NaNoWriMo* Sorry Peeps.

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    Shadow's Dawn

    *Note: I am only posting the first three chapters and the prologue because I am currently looking for an agent. Otherwise, this book i…

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about 2 years ago Cassandra Elessar said:

Are you a dreamer at heart? Do you love fantasy, fairy tales, mythology, or science fiction? Are your best friends imaginary? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you are wanted in the "Fantasy lovers unite!" group. There will be regularly updated chats started by me once a week, but members can chat anytime. Thanks!

Wild thoughts

over 2 years ago iio said:

Would you care to swap? If so, could you please read " Who are you ". Feedback would be awesome, hearts are also welcome. Thanks~


almost 4 years ago Robert Wells (E.R. Welwer) said:

Hi, I'm Robert. I'm working on my book The Shadow Assassin and I'm wanting to get some criticism and reviews on my work before I try to get it published. I would be happen to read any of your work as well!


about 4 years ago Kennedy Olson said:

Hey there :) I'm trying to get my stories a little more publicity so swap? Pick anything on the first page to read and I'll read something under 6 minutes.


about 4 years ago IzzyFizzy said:

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(almost 5 years ago)

I'm confused about how Hollyn is related to royalty. How is her father fourth in line, but a third cousin's uncle's brother-in-law? Would... Read More »

kill the messenger

(over 5 years ago)

I firs must say, I only have seen one song fic in my life and it wasn't a good one, so I'm going to regard the lyrics as sort of...transi... Read More »