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  • Destined for greatness
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    Destined for Greatness

    Cover Credit goes to C. R. Blackheart! Titan has always been told that one day, he will inherit the world from his father, but not ev…

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  • Colosseum
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    The Colosseum

    It is the year 2550 and Anya has entered into the the Colosseum's legendary weekly Tournaments for the money, but things quickly spin…

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  • Vengeance
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    Vengeance on Humanity

    Mankind has wronged one too many creatures... It's time for justice to be done. It's time for revenge to take place. What if a drago…

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  • The army of death
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    The Army of Death

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  • Product-video_zombie
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    Two Kinds of People

    There are two different sort of people: people like us, the good ones, who act only for survival, and then there's those other people,…

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about 2 years ago Abigayle Mullins said:

Hey I was wondering if you wanted to join my group, it's called Let It Out. I already asked you I apologize.


over 2 years ago Lea said:

we are sorry if you don't like ad's or if you've gotten this one before. Thank you!

Loki w: puppy

over 2 years ago Eden Winslow said:

Wait,no! Where'd your Phoenix story go? It said you updated something finally! Where is it??? Why, Maryam, why?!?!?!?! D: D: D:


over 2 years ago Eloise Maybelle said:

 photo Destined For Greatness Cover 1_zpshgobu0b7.jpg


over 2 years ago Isabel Filippone said:

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My Reviews

The Secret City

(over 3 years ago)

This sounds like a really interesting story so far, i want to see which direction its headed in. Its pretty unique and the sentences floe... Read More »

We have what?!

(almost 4 years ago)

I love the idea you have for the plot! I really liked the end of the story, where they find out about the powers they have and it comes ... Read More »