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  • The_fire_in_you_eyes_by_carvinxs-d6pda41
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    Baptized With Fire

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  • 04_fire
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    Let It Burn

    Warning for Violence, Swearing, drug abuse, Death and all that other 'unsavory' stuff.

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  • Flying-dove22
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    So there are going to be a lot of spelling mistakes in this because I'm too lazy to properly edit this... but whatever...

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  • Common-raven-portrait-c2a9-christopher-martin-2
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    Raven's Flight

    This was inspired by the anime Sword Art Online (SAO), which had so many feels!

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  • Grave-stone-10-27-2012_android-tablet-1280-800
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    Death Tickles my Funny Bone

    A book is found. Reality is forgotten. I really don't like writing these descriptions.

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  • Red_abstract
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    Ok this started off as something happy, but apparently I can't write anything like that. So I'm sorry if anybody read the beginning an…

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Talk to me!

Ford mustang

over 2 years ago CeceO (On&off) said:

Hi, want to swap? Last week I'm doing swaps, till I go on hiatus break.


about 3 years ago Claire Graham said:

I've read Baptized with Fire & left a comment~ Very lovely story! If you don't mind reading 'Why Didn't I Stay?', I'd be really grateful!


over 3 years ago Hannah Nikka said:

Hi there! Just letting you know I finished my end of the swap :) Thanks!


over 3 years ago Hannah Nikka said:

Hello fellow figgie! In the mood for a swap? :) Below is a link to a prologue I've recently updated, A Royal Reborn, that I'm trying to get more likes and feedback on. I'd really appreciate it if you could give it a read!

If you're interested, click the book cover below :)

Thanks, and have a good day! ~Hannah

Manga angel

over 3 years ago Mary Peters said:

I read "Free" so please read Let Go in return. :) Thanks!

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