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  • Raptorcover2
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    Everything has a secret. That’s the mantra 18-year-old Adella ‘Ada’ Fairborn has lived by her whole life. As the daughter of an influ…

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  • Raidercover1
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    Rapter Prequel! 16-year-old Raptor is working in the tunnels under the city when he meets a strange invisible girl named Zylphia, an e…

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  • Reapercover1
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    Raptor Prequel! "I had a life before this." Zylphia Smythe is seventeen now. Now, living in America, she hopes for a better life. B…

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  • Witchwoodcover23c1
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    "You'll be an amazing witch, Rosemary Hazel-Thorn, mark my words!" The Land of Fae… where naiads swim the deep rivers and imps scut…

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  • Tpipccover6
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    The People in "Popular"

    She’s in every grade. Loud, flirtatious, conceited, domineering, obnoxious... Also known as the stereotypical popular girl, who has no…

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  • Daughter of the valkyrie-cover1b
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    Daughter of the Valkyrie

    <i>"Wars have been fought over love. Lives have been lost; worlds destroyed. It’s the most powerful magic known to man and beast, but …

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Talk to me!


over 3 years ago Evie said:

Hi Farin!

I have a favor to ask - don't worry, it's not for a review or hearts or any of that stuff. A while ago, you read my story (what I have of it so far, anyway) Dreamwalker - where the main character has an invisible best friend, and she's able to walk in dreams. Problem is, she doesn't have a whole lot of personality...I need to revamp her character. So here's my question; would you rather read about a more serious, down-to-earth main character in this setting to balance out Colin's carefree personality, or a more cheerful, lighthearted main character who might be a little silly? Your opinion would mean a lot to me. Thank you so much, and happy Figmenting! ^_^

Bird girl

about 4 years ago Etta said:

Hi, Farin! I just wanted to say I really, really, love the cover you made for me! It is extremely awesome and just what I was looking for! Thanks so much! :D

Large (4)

about 4 years ago Margaryta said:

Thank you so much for the cover, it's just what I had in mind! Of course, I definitely will credit you. Thank you again.

Figment photo

about 4 years ago LN Medellin said:

Farin, Your profile picture caught my attention, in all honesty! haha I do plan on reading some of your work, as well. Just have to find the time. :) -LN Medellin


over 4 years ago TheHalf-Light said:

Dear Cover-Maker, Do you want a chance to show Figment your skills? Do you want to try your hand at a grand prize of fifteen reviews? Enter Cover Contests' second season of THE ULTIMATE COVER CONTEST! With a cap of fifty entrants and less than ten spots left, why wait? Our contest has ten rounds filled with great inspiration and difficult eliminations. How long will you last? Join the group today, and see how well you stack up! Sign-ups will be continuing at the second link until we reach fifty entrants. Claim your spot today; we hope to see you there!

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My Reviews

Dream Walker

(about 5 years ago)

The beginning definitely hooked me. You had a fairly good first sentence - I love good sentences for the beginning and end - and it was a... Read More »

The Copper Wars

(about 5 years ago)

Swap for 'The Loveless' [Via your forum post] I am an extreme, obsessed, over-the-top Steampunk fan. It's my absolute favourite genre... Read More »