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about 1 month ago neon said:

hey sameen!!! are u mad at me?

sorry that we havent talked in a long time. also, i would talk to u via snapchat but irma took out a cell tower near me so my data is like. so slow, and i cant connect to the fucking wifi here so fuck

idk whats going on w me rn

anyway i have some questions about HellenismĪŒs, and i know you're quite devoted. i think i want to become more devoted myself but i feel like everything i do is just scratching at the surface and i have no connection to anyone or anything. i think its a BPD thing as well as a teenager thing, like, dissociating from your likes and dislikes and not knowing who u are? could also be a DID thing. idk. i wish my mental illnesses didnt affect my religious endeavours but i dont really have a choice.

anwyay the point of this was to 1: ask if ur mad at me and 2: apologize for not keeping up w you. i know this isnt an excuse but my memory has been really horrific lately and i keep forgetting who i've been in contact with.

also 3: is there any way we can chat outside of snapchat and figment


3 months ago neon said:

SAMEEN we havent talked in forever i made that shit


6 months ago robin has no name said:

hi linds!! i sent u a message on tumblr too but idk if u still use tht blog u hav linked in yr profile. im curseworm on tumblr if u wanna talk!!

Annabelle lee

7 months ago S. Welch said:

Hey :) would you mind reading and reviewing one of my works?


7 months ago rin said:

oh my god sameen i am so sorry!! i have three exams to prepare for, a presentation to make and a paper to write. i promise i will get to it tomorrow evening because i don't have anything after that.

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