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    Sabah is an Adept, able to control a myriad of elements through his creativity. After receiving a key that unlocks incredible powers a…

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    The Wayfarer

    Warning: Novel in progress, may suffer severe changes. I'll notify followers for anything major. After a mysterious declaration from …

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    Seal the Deal

    The story of a cursed gunslinger as he travels through western America. (Old material)

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    More old stuff, a flash projetct of sorts

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    In loving memory of

    Entry for the Figfate!

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Broken circle

over 1 year ago Amanda Cady said:

Thanks! I look forward to reading it. c:

Broken circle

over 1 year ago Amanda Cady said:

Thanks for the advice! I'll keep that in mind during my next editing phase. xD

Anyways, I think it's cool that you're tackling the narrative non-linearly! And I think your POV change works with that in mind. And "something else entirely"?? Now you've gone and gotten my interest piqued, haha. xD

Let me know when your next chapter is up--because I have a bad habit of not checking my dashboard and seeing when the people I follow have updated their stuff--and I will be sure to review it for you to complete the swap (or the current round of it, anyway, assuming we both continue to update and you're still interested in reading further). c:

Broken circle

over 1 year ago Amanda Cady said:

Ah, gotcha! Yeah, I should probably work on making it more clear that she's complying with Elizabeth out of sheer desperation and not because she expects there to be any truth to Elizabeth's beliefs. As for what she feels about the demon, she does at least believe that someone was murdered, so her initial emotional response is for the idea that a human being had been buried alive. But yeah, I am finding it somewhat difficult to convey the fact that Ashton is essentially a character ruled by empathy, and so she naturally gravitates toward victims of any kind--so realizing that the demon was real was almost less important to her than the fact that he was a victim of something horrific.


I reviewed the latest chapter of Realmwalker, and when you upload the next one, I'll review that, too. c:

Just double checking, though--Sebastian is Sabah, right? And will there eventually be a reveal as to how he went from where he was in the previous chapter to where he is now?

Broken circle

over 1 year ago Amanda Cady said:

Oh, hey, don't worry about it. I had actually meant to review Realmwalker, but I got distracted with other swaps I owed, so since I think we were even at the time, I set it to the back burner and then forgot. :P So you're good! I'll go ahead and get to it now.

Anywho, I'm not sure exactly what you're referencing when you mentioned Ashton being gullible, so do you mind explaining that a bit? c:

And your point on the description of the demon is totally correct! I actually have recently edited that, but I uploaded it to Something Sinister itself and forgot to alter it on Captivated. Oops.

Broken circle

over 1 year ago Amanda Cady said:

Haha, okay. That went right over my head, sorry. xD

Thanks for the advice on writing the conversation with Trey. I will definitely be utilizing it! c:

And I'll see what I can do to rearrange where the warning takes place in the fourth chapter!

But yeah, Rachel is a bit two-faced in that chapter. She is sincere in her hatred of the situation and her desire to protect Eli, but she ultimately has the same intentions as Irony--she just goes about it in a way that eases her own conscience.

Off to read more Realmwalker now!

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