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  • Rise of corpsefire cover
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    C.o.t.F.S.: The Rise of Corpsefire

    This is a work in progress! In the midst of great war between two sides of four different nations, an old enemy arises to d…

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  • 3d symbol
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    Three Dimensional

    #internetbestie A short story for the #internetbestie contest. It took me about a week to finally finish, so I hope you enjoy!

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  • The balcony
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    The Balcony

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's touchy-feely, but I just couldn't not write it after seeing a comment on someone's profile when I was chatting …

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  • Dolzhirn book maybe
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    Work in progress!!! Once, long ago, mankind was pushed to the brink of extinction by an invisible foe until the Guardian Warriors, …

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  • Petal cover for sonnet of love
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    Sonnet of Love

    A poem that I made for an English assignment. It turned out good so I thought I'd put it out there for others.

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  • Different and alone in people crowd 500px by borianag giormova
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    The Shadow

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Talk to me!


about 14 hours ago Adelea M. said:

Thank you so much for being interested in my writing!


about 14 hours ago Dawn Kearns said:

I finished Chapter 52!


about 16 hours ago Olivia Carlyle said:

Thank you for the review! I can see what you mean about that sentence and thank you for pointing out the errors.


about 19 hours ago Dawn Kearns said:

I'm cool with being an admin. I probably won't be able to bring Avaminn in just because I'm kind of preoccupied with Chapter 52.

Personally, I check "My Desk" regularly, but I'll make sure to post on your wall when I finish a chapter.


about 22 hours ago Dawn Kearns said:

Ah, that makes sense. It's kind of like what happened to Kierra. Though Tilera isn't quiet and scared of people as well.

Hmm, if you got the idea from me, does that mean the dream is something Faith might be set to see in the future?

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My Reviews

Under Our Skin

(about 14 hours ago)

Sorry for the late review, but here it is! The story was actually a pretty cool one. I don't know if you're leaving what happens betwe... Read More »

My Digital Dad

(2 days ago)

I like your character in this one. I'm a guy, but I can actually imagine myself in that situation. You've done pretty well. "As I wal... Read More »