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about 13 hours ago Olivia Carlyle said:

Hey again! It's totally cool, the announcement scared me as well. I finished my entry and was wondering if you were ready to swap?

(It's my first swap! Yaay! Excitement! Anyhow,I have the access key, but how do I give it to you without others seeing it?)

G. francis

about 20 hours ago G. Francis said:

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3 days ago Olivia Carlyle said:

Hey there! I see you joined the RWWC and I was wondering if we could swap? If you edited my entry, I could review yours. Either way, good luck in the contest!


6 days ago Tabbi said:

Do you mind if I move Rigoro a little in my post? (Posting this question here as I do not want to interrupt the conversation in the OOC. Also enabled comments to my profile so you can reply there.)


6 days ago John McAllister said:

Hey Christian! The contest can be found here: To enter, submit a piece by April 27th at 12:00 AM CT (If you are busy this week, you can just post saying that you want to join, you don't have to submit). Basically, if you win the contest you are safe, and if you don't you could be voted out. If you choose not to submit, you are ineligible for safety.

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