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1 day ago Nove Payne said:

Hey Christian, would you like to swap? I'm back on Figment after a 3-year hiatus and would love some feedback on my poetry/prose collection. In return I'll read anything of yours up to 3000 words and I don't mind going first. If you're up for it, let me know on my wall which piece you want me to read! :)

– Nove

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3 days ago Naomi Folettia said:

I was imaging Jean with light brown I'll revise my imagination :P

And yes, actually just the other day I was cleaning my room and found a super disturbed poem...talking about morbid stuff that I completely forgot I had wrote last year. It's not even that old but I forgot it and it made me wonder what the heck I was thinking at the time. I do like to experiment with poems a lot but that one...just idk :P

And yes, like you, I've discovered I was cleverer when I was younger (and not influenced by the world yet). I found this thing called "ABC Cat Rules" ("U" was "Understand humans") and I have to admit I was a pretty clever 10 year old :P


3 days ago Dawn Kearns said:

I've been kinda tired. I've had a bit more homework than usual, that's for sure. (Stupid AP classes, why did I take these?) So, I haven't made much progress on my next chapter, and probably won't get to this weekend either...oh well.

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3 days ago Aisha Zargar said:

Hello. Could you take a look at my poem- Promises: The Last Poem

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4 days ago Naomi Folettia said:

Good luck to you, too. And that life-planning stuff? I'm still not sure what I'm gonna do after grad school so...take your time, it's fine, you'll get there :D

And yes, the outfit. I was imagining something like a pastel green jacket and beige pants with simple brown shoes. Idk why but that's how I pictured Jean when he came into the chat room. I forgot what color his hair and eyes were but hopefully the outfit matches those features. Maybe come up with something along those lines?

And just a little fun(?) question, do you ever look through your old things and find something you wrote years and years back that's super disturbing you wonder what you were thinking at the time?

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