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    Three Dimensional

    #internetbestie A short story for the #internetbestie contest. It took me about a week to finally finish, so I hope you enjoy!

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  • Petal cover for sonnet of love
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    Sonnet of Love

    A poem that I made for an English assignment. It turned out good so I thought I'd put it out there for others.

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  • Dolzhirn book maybe
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    Work in progress!!! Once, long ago, mankind was pushed to the brink of extinction by an invisible foe until the Guardian Warriors, …

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  • Castle_on_fire
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    An alternate story line to "Hope"

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    Hope: Fiery Resolve

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Talk to me!

Sam full (1)

18 days ago Sam said:

Left a comment for you in questions.


26 days ago Sophia Edwards said:

Are you interested in a swap?

Sableye (2)

29 days ago Adam said:

Hey just a heads up I posted a thing in the Elements OoC chat - figure we should work out travelling stuff for the timeskip.

Sam full (1)

about 1 month ago Sam said:

Yoh, I require your feedback on the time skip question in the announcements.


about 1 month ago Cynthia Silver☾✯ said:

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Never Cheat a Pirate

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To Rise or be Struck Down

(4 months ago)

Chapter 5 (IV): Hm...I know it's not generally thought to be this way, but I think Jasper is taking the safest route for them by join... Read More »