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over 3 years ago Meerab Farooqui said:

Heyyyy, wanna swap? :) would you mind reading and reviewing a thousand envelopes for me, and in return i will read and review anything you want. if you give me a long one, ill give you a long one in return and vice versa.


over 4 years ago L.R. said:

Hey, wanna swap? Please read my recently published story "Becoming Juliette" (10 minutes) heart if you like it and please comment to tell me what you think (comments and reviews are wonderful. Very wonderful. Wonderfully wonderful, in case you were wondering.) Then post on my wall and give me a story 10 minutes or less to read (if it's a long novel, then I'll just read ten minute's worth.)

Please and thanks,

Diana R. Hunter.


over 4 years ago Ellie Howell said:

Hello lovely! I was wondering if we could partake in a swap? If you could read/comment on/heart-if-you-think-it-deserves-it my piece "Beautiful Little Bright Thing" I would be much obliged, and perfectly willing to do the same for one of your pieces. It'll only take three minutes, tops. Pinky promise! Sound like a plan?


over 4 years ago ❄️orEOcookie99❄️ said:

Hi there! I see you're a member of the Adventure Time group and I was wondering if you'd like to read my story, The End of Simon, an Adventure Time Fanfiction for the summer fanfiction contest. Please heart it if it is worthy or if we can swap if you would like to. If you're not interested sorry for bothering. Thanks so much anyway!


over 4 years ago Sebastian Matthew said:

Hey wanna swap? If so please read and heart my novel "Grim". Please note that it is not the short story Grim that I have written but it is my work in progress novel Grim. If you do swap I will return the favor asap! Sorry if I already asked you or if you don't like swaps.

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