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    This is the story on how Hope Corbin died. Not really, though she did... die that is. But she is being offered a second chance. Redeem…

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    Dark Happenings

    Roxy is living the BDSM life... owning her own kink club, she is content with life. Then she meets charming Dominant John Wolf.After a…

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about 2 years ago The Wordsmith said:

Are you a submissive / slave? Are you interested in connecting with others who share both your passion for the lifestyle and your passion for writing? Then you might be interested in checking out my subs/slaves-only group here: http://figment.com/groups/32775-the-submissives-collective


almost 4 years ago Adelyn said:

So I just finished reading "Feathers" for our swap and I loved it! As I mentioned on your forum post I would love for you to read "The Switch" for your end! I will be following for updates on "Feathers"!


almost 4 years ago Mach said:

Haha, just because it's out of my usual genre doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. ;D


almost 4 years ago Mach said:

Hey, thanks for the comment on Paint! I'm so glad you liked it. And the fact that it affected you that much, I dunno, I feel so accomplished for that. I had no idea that it would have that effect on anyone!

I read Dark Happenings, by the way. Holy geez. That was...wow. I definitely liked it. (cue blush for admitting it). But seriously, it was so well written. Not my usual genre, but it was excellent!


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