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    Evie's Ideas

    As Evie sits down to write a story, she is joined by her old nemesis, Writer's Block, and her hero, Inspiration. As the three interac…

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    The Locket

    For the Mustache Project! :D Juliet's locket holds a secret. But when she won't sell it to a mysterious customer that comes through …

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    The Other Side

    Sam, a prisoner of war, is being kept in a camp on enemy land. As he talks to a young girl from the other side of the fence, Sam real…

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Central park zoo 4-17 0642

over 4 years ago Anika Grave said:

Hello! Wow, that was tons more exciting than my trip back. I was next to a bunch of screaming children on the flight but besides that it was lovely. You broke your foot?! Oww! Did it hurt a lot? The Spiderman sticker sounds awesome. Not much is new over here, but I did get my hair cut! I't about chin length now. How long will it take for your foot to heal?

Gods intertwined

almost 5 years ago Hooks Bm said:

Hiya would you at all be interested in reading and giving feedback on my piece titled Lilah? I would really appecite your comments/review. If there is anything you would like me to also look over please just let me know.

Thank you x


almost 5 years ago Bria said:

Hey! I need followers could you follow me and ill follow you- Thanks Bria


over 5 years ago Tessa Graves said:

You're welcome! You're a great writer :)

And thanks for liking and commenting on Whisper!!

Harry Potter is probably my favorite thing ever. Luna's one of my favorite characters too, but my absolute favorite character is Snape.

I don't know if you read my little description thingy (you probably did, based on the fact that you know I'm a Potterhead) but I'm a Slytherin. I haven't been sorted on Pottermore yet, but I took a quiz which told me I'm a Slytherin, and all my friends agreed with it... That was a fun conversation, especially since one of my friends is convinced that everyone in Slytherin is a Death Eater.

Anyway, I think I'm talking too much. I do tend to ramble...

Thanks again for commenting on Whisper :)

~Tessa Graves~

Historic scotland 129

almost 6 years ago Ilana Loree said:

Jillian! Okay, I've got to admit, four months is a little absurd. I'm sorry it's taken this long! But, if I may use the words of a very wise person, "school has been absorbing my free time like a very confusing sponge." I think that's the most brilliant metaphor ever. Ooh, Venice. When my family took a trip to Las Vegas, we walked through an Italian-themed hotel. The ceiling was painted like a dusky sky, and there was an actual river with a gondolier paddling his little boat through it, serenading a couple. It was cool. :D So yes, I think that'd be fun. And ancient ruins--by all means. They're so mysterious. Though I imagine there'd be long, touristy lines... I hadn't seen any pictures of those houses, until I tried running a Google search for 'bright colored house facing the sea greece' and found a picture. It looks so serene and cheery and pretty! :D I agree, I like swimming too, but mainly just for fun. I wouldn't last very long in long-distance swimming or water polo. Do you do water sports? Do you go swimming a lot? If I lived in Ireland/Scotland... hmm. At first, I'd want to live near my far-off relatives, seeing as I wouldn't know anyone else. But if I became more comfortable, I'd want to move away from the city and find a cozy little cottage in a rural town, or maybe a mysterious two-story house with lots of secrets. And I've always wanted a garden, too, so hopefully there'd be a plot of ground "out back." My favorite color is summer-sky blue, but I've grown to appreciate greens and purples. I especially like lilac because it's a calm color. What about you? What's your favorite color and (bonus.) why?

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(over 6 years ago)

Wow! I've only read the first chapter so far, and I already love this! Lila is a really interesting character in a unique situation. I... Read More »

The Investigation

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