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    A History of Akt'reyia

    This tells of the Wizard Nemhra's arrival on Earth and the making of the Five Races, the building of Akt'reyia, and the ever-continuin…

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    Reign of Darkness

    NOTE: This book is the first I've ever written, so it's by far not going to be my best. It is kinda cliché, but there's a lot that it…

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    Reign of Darkness II

    Garret Hood has been the ruler of Akt'reyia for a thousand years, and has succeeded in wiping away the remnants of Nahruna the Black's…

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    Reign of Darkness: Thalia

    A new, revised edition of "Reign of Darkness: Thalia's Story," which also includes another back story on Thalia that explains a lot a…

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    A Four-Letter Word

    Emily Peterson is a popular girl, who has everything a girl could want: an MVP, first-string-quarterback, and not to mention hot boyfr…

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    The Word

    Note: In writing and posting this article and using this image of Christ, I am exercising my freedoms of religion and speech. An essa…

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11 days ago Moses Lingle said:

NOTE: I am taking down my page. I've already saved everything I want to keep, and will upload it to the new site in December.


15 days ago Kylie Elaine said:

Hey, I don't know if you've heard, but I guess Figment is shutting down (an admin posted in the general forum). I thought I'd make sure you knew, and was wondering if you were planning on joining the website they are redirecting to. I thought maybe we could connect so I can continue to read your works... Just a thought :)


21 days ago Conner Van Asch (Chesster) said:

You have been invited to join Figment's 2nd Debate Club.

Warning: this group contains excessive amounts of logical thought, intelligent discussions, and absolutely no low blows. If you do argue with some random small point then you could be destroyed.


24 days ago Kylie Elaine said:

Nevermind, it's been so long since I've logged on I thought they were new updates since they were on top haha. I'm looking forward to the updates though


25 days ago Kylie Elaine said:

Ooo how exciting haha, I hope it goes well. I see you've gotten some more chapters up, I plan on looking at them tomorrow!

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The Gift of the Dreamseer

(5 months ago)

Segment Review, Chapters Seven-Twelve: Your plot is moving along rather nicely. To tell the truth, I was not expecting Mya's dream about ... Read More »

The Gift of the Dreamseer

(5 months ago)

Okay, this is a segment review for Prologue- Chapter Six, as I find it more efficient to do it this way rather than one for every chapter... Read More »