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    The League of Second Sons

    Undead monsters unleashed by an ancient curse. City-strongholds where opulence thrives and the poor starve in a haze of smoke and stea…

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  • Toct06t
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    Four astronauts attempt to protect Earth from alien invasion as they drift aboard their orbital space station. (Cover made by the amaz…

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  • A sharp end
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    A Sharp End

    Post-zombie apocalypse, a Japanese exchange student and her two Australian host siblings struggle to survive, armed with an axe, a lon…

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  • Yuriearth_iss_3032
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    The Crossroads of Civilisations

    A starship captain must convince her alien interrogator that humanity is worth saving while trawling through her memories to discover …

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    The Amazing Clockwork Man

    A story about Cam, the Amazing Clockwork Man, Tabitha, the grumpy factory worker who fixes him, and the powers-that-be that may or may…

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    When The Weather Was Good

    After her life falls to pieces, an Australian teenager struggles to find happiness in a backwater country town.

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almost 3 years ago Ignorant-to-Life said:


over 3 years ago Tonya Royston said:

Thank you so much for the wonderful comment on my wall! It totally made my day! I work long hours at my day job, so when I come home to notes like that, it makes the long hours of writing at night worth it! And yes, I would love to answer your questions for your project! Why don't you email them to me? My email address it tonyaroyston5@gmail.com (or you can send me a note from the contact page on my website). However, I'm not familiar with the Steampunk genre. But I'll answer any other questions I can! Hope to hear from you soon!


over 3 years ago Amy Braun said:


I looked for open submission calls that related to the genre I was writing, and went from there. Sometimes you can't get the exact theme you want (I have a haunted house story that I wanted to have published, but all submissions related to that were closed or non-existent *sad face*), but that also gives you the chance to challenge yourself. The best advice I can give, as I'm still kind of green at this myself, is to just keep writing. I leave that at the end of all my reviews because it's true– the more words you write, the more you edit, the harder you try, the better you'll do. In all honesty, I don't submit to professional publishers much anymore, submission calls aside. I've had a ton of rejections and would rather be perfecting the work I'm truly passionate about behind the scenes, so if an agent or publisher ever does come knocking, I know I'll have something capable of blowing their minds. I've noticed that you like steampunk, so here are a couple links you can consider: http://mochamemoirspress.com/about/submission-guidelines/ ---> This publisher accepted my first short story, CALL FROM THE GRAVE, so I already submitted for the steampunk anthology. https://coffintreehill.wordpress.com/ ---> I haven't been accepted for anything via this site, but it's a great one to look at just to see what's open. A bit of a long rant, but hopefully this helps! ;)


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Together We Fall

(about 3 years ago)

This was a beautiful piece of writing-- good luck with the contest! You deserve every single heart. I loved how you started off with them... Read More »

Just One Glance

(about 3 years ago)

I really enjoyed this; it's an interesting concept, and I liked how Elizabeth used her powers to take over her school, her town, the US a... Read More »