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    Iron Man: In A Heartbeat

    She won't stop crying. Pepper can get her to calm down by the sound of her heartbeat... but Tony doesn't have one. One-shot. Pepperony…

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    The Girl Named Sherlock Holmes

    Another typical, boring day is shattered when Sherlock and John meet an 18-year-old girl with dark curly hair, and a purple shirt. A g…

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over 2 years ago drac the alien said:

☺ Hello! I saw that you are a fellow ♥Marvel♥ fanfic author, and was wondering if you would like to swap? My pride and joy, 'Circe: Marvel's Youngest Sorceress' is new and updated often, but I haven't had too many readers yet...I would be very happy to read, react, and review any of your work in return! Thank you, and have a wonderful day!☼


over 2 years ago ♥HopelessRomantic ♥ said:

Hey I was wondering if you would read my Sherlock fanfic~ ^.^


almost 4 years ago Elly Gard said:

He-llo, Jim. :D


almost 4 years ago Ottertale said:

Hello would you like to swap? If so please tell me what you would like me to read and please read: Doctor Who: Left Behind. It is a Wholock. Thank You!

Sydney profilepic

almost 4 years ago Sydney Lacroix said:

Swap? Please read anything on my first page! Thanks, and have a nice day!


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