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    When You Meet Evil

    **Draft of my Requiem contest entry. I want to get some critique before I tag it. ** . When Viktor showed up, Ara thought he was the…

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    I Won't Die

    ***NaNo 2012*** Basically a zombie story. Not sure where I'm going with it yet. ***Cover by Tessa Graves

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    Claws and Fangs, A Storm Under The Moon

    *Novel In Progress* A story about a war between a Pack of Werewolves and a Village of Vampires. Partial credit for the plot goes to my…

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    Haunted; A Ghost story

    *Novel In Progress* What happens when you leave your whole life behind and move to a new home, one that everyone avoids because of wha…

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    Fear In The Night

    Talia, Piper, James and Jake go into the woods by their home one night, looking for the ghosts and the creature that supposedly lurk t…

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    I wrote this when I was feeling upset the other night. While writing it I didn't plan the last couple of lines but writing those made …

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Talk to me!


over 4 years ago S. E. Cates said:

Interested in a swap? I'll swap hearts and/or reads for "The Carnival of Fallen Stars". Just let me know on my wall of you're down!

**Sorry if we've already swapped for this story**


almost 5 years ago Zaina K. said:

Hey, would you like to swap? Please read "Leaf" and I'll return the favor :)


almost 5 years ago Tessa Graves said:

Hi! Your cover is finished and posted in my forum! Sorry it took so long! :)


almost 5 years ago Madeline Nixon said:

Hi, would you like to swap? If so please read Immortal Love, and post on my wall what you would have me read. Please heart if you think my story deserves it, and if I have already asked you to read Immortal Love please feel free to read one of my other stories instead.


almost 5 years ago Kyndal said:

Hey! Care for a swap? I'm looking to have my story "The Bridge" read and would definitely read anything in return!(:

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My Reviews

She'll Breathe Again

(about 5 years ago)

I know this might seem like a lot right away, but you have a lot of grammar errors, so let’s get those out of the way first… “She wa... Read More »

Could You Blame Me?

(about 5 years ago)

Awesome job. I love the narration, and the fact the narrator loved his daughter. Also, nice job on all the 50 cent vocab words. (These we... Read More »