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About Me: DO NOT LEAVE ME A ONE LINE STORY COMMENT. If you do not take the time to leave me a real comment I will not take the time to leave you one either and may even not return the swap. My name is Sara J. Bernhardt. I am a recently published novelist, article writer, freelance editor/proof reader, screen play composer and small time model looking for ways to reach out, market, and discuss literature and art with others. Feel free to message me. I love to hear from you. I have been writing since I could pick up a pen. I have been publishing poetry and short stories since before I was 12 and finished my first full length novel at 13. I have three books currently published and am working on the first in a new series that should be released next year. Please feel free to check out my website. Thanks. I love my fans! <3

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    In Gray

    After a devastating car crash brings young, Daisy Carmichael the ability to see the future, she is plagued by not only the things she sees but the deadly secrets of the boy who saved her life.

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about 1 month ago Jon said:

There's no need. If you want to read the equivalent in They Came to Watch Me Die that'd be cool but you really don't have to at this point.


about 1 month ago Jon said:

Hey, I'm sorry for being rude. I had a really bad day in real life and someone else also didn't return a swap as well, and yeah. I'm sorry about that.


about 1 month ago Jon said:

I did mention I left a review and heard nothing back from you on that. You were the one that asked for a swap. That's your responsibility to make sure you meet your end. If you're going to ask, make sure you can complete. At this point, I don't really care.


about 1 month ago Jon said:

Whelp. You came to my page 16 days ago asking for a swap. You even said you weren't a prick. Yet no response at all. Good job there you.


about 1 month ago wxnderlust said:

A story with adventure, relationships, and plenty of tests, The Flare focuses on twins Frederick and Francesca as they succumb to the ways of an underground lab, surrounded by others close to their age that are stuck down for the exact same reason as them: they will all be the future of Earth.

If you'd like to know more, check out the book by visiting my profile or clicking the image above! Only the prologue is up so far, but I would love some feedback.

Of course, since this is a swap request, I'd be happy to read something of yours that is around the same length in return.

I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for your time. :)

▷ wxnderlust

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