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    Power Hungry

    My name is Aaron Gale, I’m a 5”9’, Chinese, and pretty damn clumsy. Today is February 11, 2014. It’s been 2 months since my friends, a…

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over 3 years ago Lucy Shifflett said:

Swap? Read my story Grey. Much Appreciated!


over 3 years ago Flora Knight said:

Hey I was wondering if we could do a swap: You read The Chosen One by me and I read one of yours.

2015-11-07 10.56.49

over 3 years ago Amanda Wagner (OFFLINE) said:

I read your story Power Hungry, so can you please read Adventures In Islands for our swap. Thanks :)


almost 4 years ago Gracie said:

Do you like elemental roleplay? Then come join Elemental Roleplay.

Mxm forevs

almost 4 years ago Hilary said:

P.S., What's your favorite anime?

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My messed up life

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Heeeeey A review! The following are just slight edits, I hope don't come out as rude, but hey everyone could use edits! This is also goin... Read More »

The Lunatics Treasure

(almost 4 years ago)

Jk I found mistakes and Jean Doe isn’t directly pointing out the typos so I’ll find what I can for you, so I’ll write a review as well: ... Read More »