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About Me: Hey! My name is Julia and I am 17. I've been on Figment since 2012 so phew I'm an oldie haha!! I am a massive fangirl, and it has been my dream to publish since I can remember. I am into photography, drawing, and science as well as reading and writing. My dream is to go to University of Tampa and hopefully become a marine biologist. I currently am in a dual enrollment high school/college, and I have a YouTube channel that is growing by the second!! Thanks for stumbling across my page, if you have any questions or want to talk, don't hesitate to comment below!! ALSO IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!! I am an ambassador for a company called Sand Cloud (sandcloudtowels.com) that DONATES 10% of profit to ocean conservation!! Get 25% off the entire store with my discount, JuliaGr25 !!! Please go check it out, you will help out the ocean and get super super cute things! The sea turtles thank you :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Currently open to do chapter by chapter swaps! (Serious ones, not just one liners with no effort). Also, If you wanna read The Luna Effect I would LOVE any feedback I can get!!! IF you really want to swap, let me know below, and IF YOU ASK YOU GO FIRST. Whatever you give me is what I will give back!! (one liner for a one liner. Full review for full review. However much effort you put in I will mirror) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Current Swaps (for me to remember, and (1) means their turn): (1)Sedition of Vows by Cynthia Silver, Alice by Nicolette Christiansen, (1)Catastrophe, Pacifism and Honour by Nicolas Abo, Loud Whispers by Jess, (1)Horsetrader's Daughter by Lauren, and (1) Of Ash and Linen by Jessica Jesmore. I'm sure it may take me a few days to get to your book, considering how much reading and writing I am doing :) if it has been more than a week, a gentle reminder would be appreciated! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Honestly tho, please read The Luna Effect I would really appreciate any feedback and help I can get, I really want to publish it down the road so I really NEED feedback. Thank you!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ oh... and one more thing... buy my book below !! :D

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    Eva and Ella, born twin sisters, never left each others side. As they get further into high school, they encounter many bumps along the way, and have to figure out a way to stay true to themselves and each other.


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about 1 month ago Jessica Nicole said:

Hi there! So I wasn't sure if you wanted me to continue our swap on a chapter by chapter basis, or if you only wanted the one chapter in exchange for the cover. And it's cool if you don't like the cover I made. I would be very happy to read the first chapter of your book instead if you don't like it. We can continue chapter by chapter if you'd like. Let me know :) Thanks.

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about 1 month ago Ava Snow said:

Hey Julia! I totally agree! What would you want me to read? So how is life going?


about 1 month ago Charming Quill said:

Heyo! Of course I would love to swap. Sorry for the long delay to reply. Work has been crazy and I haven't had much free time these past few weeks. I'll get to my end of the swap right now. In return, I'd like some feedback on my novel in progress Realm of the Dragons if you wouldn't mind. You don't have to read the whole thing; I'd be fine with only a chapter as long as I get some feedback. Thanks! :)


2 months ago Jessica Nicole said:

I'm going to try and post the picture directly here. Here goes:

Magic fox profile legal with name2

2 months ago Naomi Folettia said:

That's awesome! Do you already have an agent? If you do, I'm also going for the traditional publishing route so maybe you have some tips to land an agent? If you don't, we're in the same boat :P

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