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About Me: Hey! My name is Julia and I am 16. I am a massive fangirl, and it has been my dream to publish since I can remember. I am into photography, drawing, and science as well as reading and writing. My dream is to go to University of Hawaii and hopefully become a marine biologist. I currently am in a dual enrollment high school/college, and I have a YouTube channel that is growing by the second!! Thanks for stumbling across my page, if you have any questions or want to talk, don't hesitate to comment below!! ALSO IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!! I am an ambassador for a company called Sand Cloud (sandcloudtowels.com) that DONATES 10% of profit to ocean conservation!! Get 25% off the entire store with my discount, JuliaGr25 !!! Please go check it out, you will help out the ocean and get super super cute things! The sea turtles thank you :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Currently not doing any more swaps as I am SWAMPED (haha) with about 4 in depth review swaps. BUT if you wanna read The Luna Effect I would LOVE any feedback I can get!!! Currently reading: The Rise or be Struck Down by Irene Grey, The Wolves of the Ocean by Kat Hartla Nix, All of My Broken Pieces by Meg and Under Our Skin by Brynai Anderson. GO READ THOSE they are all amazing and super creative ideas!!! IF you really want to swap, let me know below and I will add you to the list, it just may be a while AND IF YOU ASK YOU GO FIRST. Whatever you give me is what I will give back!! (one liner for a one liner. Full review for full review. However much effort you put in I will mirror) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Honestly tho, please read The Luna Effect I would really appreciate any feedback and help I can get, I really want to publish it down the road so I really NEED feedback. Thank you!!!!

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    Eva and Ella, born twin sisters, never left each others side. As they get further into high school, they encounter many bumps along the way, and have to figure out a way to stay true to themselves and each other.


Figment Writings

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    A Pocket for Julia

    A collection of letters to a loved one

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    The Luna Effect

    Luna is your average teen heroin in your average teen romance book. Or... is she? One day on her walk to her car she makes eye contact…

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    The Provider

    Extra part of my story Sisters. If you are reading Sisters and haven't read chapter 12 this may spoil some stuff, or at least introduc…

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    April Fools

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Talk to me!

Magic fox profile legal with name2

9 days ago Naomi Folettia said:

So with CreateSpace, how did you do the editing and the cover? Did you use any of their services?


12 days ago Kat Hartla Nix said:

Also I'm so glad you liked my writing!! I LOVE yours!!


13 days ago Aurora Del Rey said:

Hey, Julia! I'm sorry I'm only just now responding to your comment, been pretty busy. Anyway, I'd be thrilled to take a look into "The Luna Effect!" I'll be sure to read as soon as I can! No swap necessary.


16 days ago Kat Hartla Nix said:

That would be amazing!! I would love to have a regular swap thing going!! I'm currently working on "Dirt" and "The Wolves Who Haunt The Ocean", just read whatever you like and let me know when you update!! (Also please feel free to give completely honest opinions, I appreciate the feedback), I'm so excited now!!

Magic fox profile legal with name2

16 days ago Naomi Folettia said:

Hey Julz! :D Omg, before I know it you're a verified author! When did you get published??? That's so awesome! :D I'm happy for you :)

As for me...I've been on and off Figment and basically editing the heck out of my novel :P I'm still making covers but not so much anymore cuz other parts of my life are getting busy :P

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