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    Human Nature

    Long ago, all races lived harmoniously. Until the humans, hungry for power, waged war with the other races- causing them to disappear…

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    Unnatural Planet

    My short story for the mythical world contest. I'm proud to say that it was one of the winners.

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Talk to me!


12 months ago Lauren Fricke said:

Thanks for the reads! What would you like me to read in return?


12 months ago Ellie Williams said:


12 months ago Lauren Fricke said:

Sure! Either read "First Star I See" (short story) or "Fragile Immunity" (poetry) and let me know what to read in return!

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12 months ago Lizzi said:

Hey! I would love to swap. If you could read Pure Innocence and comment and/or review it that would be great. I'll do as much as you do. Thanks!



12 months ago S.S said:

Hey, saw your post on my wall, sure I would love to swap. What would you like my to check out? x

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Yours Forever

(over 2 years ago)

This is lovely! You really have a way with words. I love how the writing style is poetic, without being cheesy. I like giving tips on... Read More »

Full Moon Rising

(over 2 years ago)

Very nice! It's an interesting concept! Your writing style isn't cumbersome to read, unlike many others. :) I also would like to menti... Read More »