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  • Dreamseer
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    The Gift of the Dreamseer

    Link to map: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9gokEmqu_Hyek9QdVRZVzc0NGs/view?usp=sharing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Li…

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  • A book about breaking norms, finding one's bliss, and establishing a personal definition of happiness
    • 8
    • 12

    Eriyan of Vostrein

    Princess. Carpenter. Bandit. Prisoner. Scholar. Noble. Empress. Eriyan Peike has been all of these. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~…

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  • Dreamseermap
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    Dreamseer Pronunciation Guide

    Pronunciation guide for the names and places of my fantasy novel, "The Gift of the Dreamseer." This is currently incomplete and subjec…

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  • Spellbook
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    The Spellbook

    Excerpt from my fantasy novel, "The Gift of the Dreamseer." A scene featuring characters Ketrech, a mage, and Fera, an assassin.

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  • Swordsofdestiny (1)
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    Swords of Destiny!

    Moridrys the Doombringer, Lord of the Dark, has escaped his prison, and it is up to one boy to save the Upper Kingdoms from his army o…

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  • Just anotherrandom
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    Just another random dystopian novel...

    An over-the-top parody of the strangely popular YA Dystopian genre. Delphinium von Liechtenstein, the rich daughter of a govenment…

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about 5 hours ago ThePenMaster said:

Email would be nice sure. What about Wattpad? It might be worth looking into.


about 13 hours ago ThePenMaster said:

Are you going to be on the new site with the same name?


about 15 hours ago ThePenMaster said:

Thanks for letting me know..... I honestly had no idea they were shutting the site down. I don't think I got any email notification of it either so I could have lost a lot of my work if you haven't told me.


13 days ago Red said:

I was hella busy for the last three days. Sorry. Finally got some down time .Mail is redredX4@gmail.com...


13 days ago Hazel Gatoya said:

And I've sent you one. :) Thanks!

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My Reviews

The Blackbird's Promise (Version 2)

(15 days ago)

Eirwen's Curse Is this the first chapter from Eirwen's POV? I can't remember. I'm not sure what willow bark would taste like, but ... Read More »

The Blackbird's Promise (Version 2)

(15 days ago)

The Faery's Home I don't think "lady" should be capitalized in the first sentence, even if it is her title, since it's proceeded by "a... Read More »