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    The Gift of the Dreamseer

    Link to map: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9gokEmqu_Hyek9QdVRZVzc0NGs/view?usp=sharing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Li…

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  • A book about breaking norms, finding one's bliss, and establishing a personal definition of happiness
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    Eriyan of Vostrein

    Princess. Carpenter. Bandit. Prisoner. Scholar. Noble. Empress. Eriyan Peike has been all of these. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~…

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    Dreamseer Pronunciation Guide

    Pronunciation guide for the names and places of my fantasy novel, "The Gift of the Dreamseer." This is currently incomplete and subjec…

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    The Spellbook

    Excerpt from my fantasy novel, "The Gift of the Dreamseer." A scene featuring characters Ketrech, a mage, and Fera, an assassin.

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    Swords of Destiny!

    Moridrys the Doombringer, Lord of the Dark, has escaped his prison, and it is up to one boy to save the Upper Kingdoms from his army o…

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    Just another random dystopian novel...

    An over-the-top parody of the strangely popular YA Dystopian genre. Delphinium von Liechtenstein, the rich daughter of a govenment…

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8 days ago Red said:

This book wants to explain the various unanswered questions at the ending of Calamity...it's more on science fiction and fantasy...and yet as in the Reckoners, it's main focus is in action.

Mmm...the reason why The Reckoners worked so well in action was that it was simple enough to understand: People with powers are corrupted and called Epics, a group of normal humans must overthrow them.

I have a bad feeling the Apocalypse Guard is trying to bite off more than it can chew...well, we'll see soon enough.


8 days ago Red said:

Is the new set of books a sequel or a separate story?(hoping for the latter)

You felt happy on seeing David reuniting with his father? All I felt was creeped out that David would so eagerly accept the powers that had once killed his father.


10 days ago Red said:

Don't get me wrong though, I love Harry Potter, but if you asked me, I'd point out at least a dozen plot holes.

In that same regard, I did like the Reckoners Series. It had a great start, a rather lackluster middle book with only the ending being good and a rather unfocused finish. Seriously though the ending read like something out of wattpad.


10 days ago Red said:

You know me well :). Get ready for more.

Well...yes, it needed more exposition...but the good kind, not the bad kind. For eg, did we really need that vault exploration scene or that long filler scene in Firefight where David trains with that weird equipment the Prof gave him? I'd much rather have read more about Steelheart's past or more about the relationship between Jon, Tia and Abigail.

Yes, it makes sense for David to hunt and kill Epics...but he kinda lost his hook. You know in Steelheart, you could feel his personal desire for vengeance in every action he took. But in Firefight, he felt sorta dull, constantly wanting to save Megan simply because he believed in her...while killing Epics left and right(Regalia and Newton) as if they weren't capable of change.

Yes, Sam was trying to attack her...but Megan has infinite lives while Sam had only one...plus the fact he was killed never gets acknowledged by anyone apart from Mizzy...and she mysteriously got over it in the third book. Even Megan herself never showed much remorse over it and in Firefight, David never asked her about it in the multiple times they've met, even after knowing she killed Sam.

And the one biggest gripe I had with it was...

Calamity: I gave everyone their powers...you humans are disappointing.

Megan: *uses power that Calamity gave her to show him another reality which he obviously should have known about since he DID have that power originally*.

Calamity: NOOOOOO!!! HOW CAN THIS BE??!! *dies*


10 days ago Red said:

Well, it's a good time pass, but it reminded me heavily of Akame ga Kill...only it had TOO MUCH exposition and it treated its villains like crap. Nightwielder had the most anti-climatic death. Steelheart AND Jon's weaknesses were discovered in the exact nick of time in the EXACT same scenario. Plus Megan killed Sam and she was given a free pass on that cause David luvs her...also David lost his hook by the end of Steelheart and became very very generic(aside from making face palming metaphors) in the next two books. The ending was too rushed...I could keep going...but in all sincerity, I did enjoy the action sequences.

Seriously out of all of them, I probably enjoyed Obliteration. He was just too whimsical.

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