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  • Giftofthedreamseercover - copy
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    The Gift of the Dreamseer

    Link to map: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9gokEmqu_Hyek9QdVRZVzc0NGs/view?usp=sharing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Li…

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  • Kearns_k_figureinspace
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    Eriyan of Vostrein

    Princess. Carpenter. Bandit. Prisoner. Scholar. Noble. Empress. Eriyan Peike has been all of these. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~…

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  • Dreamseermap
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    Dreamseer Pronunciation Guide

    Pronunciation guide for the names and places of my fantasy novel, "The Gift of the Dreamseer." This is currently incomplete and subjec…

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  • Kearns_k_handsorfeet
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    The Spellbook

    Excerpt from my fantasy novel, "The Gift of the Dreamseer." A scene featuring characters Ketrech, a mage, and Fera, an assassin.

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  • Red_abstract
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    Just another random dystopian novel...

    An over-the-top parody of the strangely popular YA Dystopian genre. Delphinium von Liechtenstein, the rich daughter of a govenment…

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  • Swordsofdestiny!
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    Swords of Destiny!

    Moridrys the Doombringer, Lord of the Dark, has escaped his prison, and it is up to one boy to save the Upper Kingdoms from his army o…

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Talk to me!

Pro pic by tony trin aster

about 1 hour ago Trinity Aster said:

Oh, wow, I might have to read this book now xD sounds a lot like a book I'd love to read. xD xP

Well I wish you luck in writing! again, if you'd like any inspiration or help, lemme know =)


about 1 hour ago A.L. Lombaard said:

Unfortunately I haven't read Good Omens yet, but I just love Terry Prachett.

I'm glad you like the Witcher so far! Don't worry, the further you go the more epic it gets.

I probably won't be able review a chapter on Gift of the Dreamseer today, but I'll make up for it tomorrow when my Easter holiday starts.

Have a great day!


about 2 hours ago Cynthia Silver☾✯ said:

Ooh, now the scene where they meet, I'd really like to see! I can already imagine the witty lines they'll exchange during the face off.

But it's not like they were doing any criminal activity at the moment. If they were smart, they wouldn't have tried anything, and then they'd still be alive. They got what was coming to them.


about 2 hours ago Cynthia Silver☾✯ said:

That's a good reason. Will you write it soon? I'd love to read it just for fun!

While Ketrech may be the more controlled of the two, he never really pretended to be good in the first place, so I'm not super surprised at his sudden violence. And I guess they could also count it as self defense, since they weren't the ones who provoked it.


about 3 hours ago jaz said:

oh BTW there's of course a tiny spoiler about Gamma on chapter 11 if you do intend to read it before I polish up chapter 10. But in my opinion, it's obvious anyway and its just a tiny one.

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The Blackbird's Promise (Version 2)

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