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    The Gift of the Dreamseer

    Link to map: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9gokEmqu_Hyek9QdVRZVzc0NGs/view?usp=sharing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Li…

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  • A book about breaking norms, finding one's bliss, and establishing a personal definition of happiness
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    Eriyan of Vostrein

    Princess. Carpenter. Bandit. Prisoner. Scholar. Noble. Empress. Eriyan Peike has been all of these. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~…

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    Dreamseer Pronunciation Guide

    Pronunciation guide for the names and places of my fantasy novel, "The Gift of the Dreamseer." This is currently incomplete and subjec…

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    The Spellbook

    Excerpt from my fantasy novel, "The Gift of the Dreamseer." A scene featuring characters Ketrech, a mage, and Fera, an assassin.

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    Swords of Destiny!

    Moridrys the Doombringer, Lord of the Dark, has escaped his prison, and it is up to one boy to save the Upper Kingdoms from his army o…

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    Just another random dystopian novel...

    An over-the-top parody of the strangely popular YA Dystopian genre. Delphinium von Liechtenstein, the rich daughter of a govenment…

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about 2 hours ago Red said:

Oh yeah, I was just reminded of something...Leone dies in the end doing what she did in the anime...only instead of going away silently, she partied till her end and died in front of the building where she had met Tatsumi for the first time...that was kinda touching.


about 22 hours ago Red said:

And for God's sake, don't read Chapter 23.5. It's probably the most messed up thing ever created. Mere words can't describe the level of darkness in it.

Here I'll spoil it for you. Three random little girls enter the capital(they were shown briefly in the last episode while everyone was celebrating, you can distinguish them by their yellow, pink and blue hair color. I laughed at the gall of the anime creators to have them be shown, especially after knowing how they've ended up in the manga), they get tricked, they die. End of story. How they die is none of your business.


about 22 hours ago Red said:

Actually, it didn't differ that much in terms of results, rather than how they were executed.

There were a lot more grotesque rape and torture scenes that were left out of the anime...(Mild Spoiler: The way Lubbock died in the anime...was actually tame and merciful compared to how he was tortured in the manga)

One good thing is...Tatsumi gets a much more badass dragon form than was shown in the anime. This is how that power up looks like in the manga(which happened during his rescue mission rather than at the end)


Other than that, pretty much everything turns out similarly.


1 day ago Red said:

Question: Have you ever read the Akame Ga Kill manga?

The manga deviated quite from its anime ending...not by much, but still with some characters living where they were killed in the anime...and some characters dying brutally where they still lived in the anime.


1 day ago Cynthia Silver☾✯ said:

Wow... Did you like Girl Scouts? I found my troop to be kinda dull, almost sexist in how all we focused on was home economics (reas: housewifey) stuff, while my brother was off learning awesome things like wilderness survival.

*Sigh* It's not like I was expecting her to. Still, she has her moments. I was genuinely surprised by how compassionate she was in comforting Seryu about Stylish's death.

Okay.... I honestly have no idea. It could be nearly anyone.

I was going to ask what a "con" is, but then I used my apparent brain and figured out that it's short for convention... right? Ah, now I see the appeal. What's a cosplay?

I like Lancer. Very noble guy. Has your opinion of Saber changed much? And I really enjoyed the dynamic of that fight.

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