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  • Cover for kaleidoscope
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    The inspiration for this is taken from recent events with my beloved father who was hospitalized with complications from chronic disea…

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  • Cover for comfortable silence
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    Comfortable Silence

    This is a poem that deals with learning to quiet ourselves in the midst of a very chaotic world in order to know ourselves better. The…

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  • The benefactors
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    The Benefactors

    This is my entry for "The Poetry Society" contest #4. The writing prompt was to write something that talks about the beauty of nature …

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  • Cover for with a simple roll of the dice
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    With A Simple Roll Of The Dice

    Copyright © 2015 by Katherine Brown. All Rights Reserved. A special thank you to Gayatri for this beautiful cover. Check out this new…

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  • Paint the door blue cover
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    Paint The Door Blue

    Every time I ask Gayatri to create a cover for me she manages to blow me away. She captured exactly what I would create if I had an ou…

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  • Picmonkey_image
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    The Risk Of Vulnerability

    I'd like to thank the very lovely, very talented Gayatri for her remarkable cover on this poem. I hope you check out this newly verifi…

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about 1 month ago Lyria said:

Figment is my home. I come here to express myself and make friends, and now someone wants to steal that from me. I was hurting, and am healed. I was depressed, and learnt of joy. I say, LET. FIGMENT. LIVE. If you love figment and want it to keep on making a difference, repost this onto your profile and everywhere else.


over 1 year ago Jaigar Julian said:

Kat, thanks a lot for taking the time to check it out. Your comment is highly appreciated and in the future i'd love to hear more about possible mistakes you might notice. Bear in mind, that I 'll keep the story going in here as well so i can get more feedback on it.

Thanks again!

Lots of love from Greece -Julian & Margaret (sis)


over 1 year ago Jaigar Julian said:

Heya Katherine! If you find some time, i'd love it if you could have a look on this http://adversussolem.com/ and give me your opinion about it =)

Thanks in advance \o



over 1 year ago Jaigar Julian said:

Hello Katherine. =) We are pretty good and getting ready for out vacations really. Greece is struggling indeed but our lives did not change that dramatically. So everything is good and the sun is still up ;). Missed you lots as well and you have been on my mind. I'll eventually find me some time to het back on your novel. Seems like I missed quiet a few chapters =). Hope you and your family are doing well.


over 2 years ago Nick Edwin said:

Hey Kat!! ;D

I'm finally back on figment. You wouldn't mind checking out "breaking glass creates jobs" and I could give you feedback on your update? (or your shorter poem from earlier, perhaps?) Thanks!


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The Lost One

(over 2 years ago)

The imagery in this piece penetrates the psyche with sadness. If there is one thing that all of us are searching for, it's love. A meanin... Read More »


(over 2 years ago)

Okay, SJ, just finished Dal's and here I am to take a look at yours. The writing of this is beautifully dark. Raw, undone, broken, but ho... Read More »