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  • Pojretoiwhjked
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    On the Run

    A friendly boy has a warm beverage with a mysterious girl he just met. Yes, many people have been saying its wierd to invite a random …

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  • Th_ihonestlyhateyou-1
    • 36
    • 2

    I Honestly Hate You

    Returning to their Girl Scout camp, Bianca and Kath are faced with a suprise that has mixed reactions. This is loosely based off of th…

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  • Th_rgh-1
    • 24
    • 4

    A Robot, Two Girls, and a Hitchhiker

    This was literally the first thing that came to mind when I read the very non specific prompt. It's a little out there. Two girls run …

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  • Th_foreverone2
    • 14
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    Forever One

    A couple journeys through a remarkable journey as they experience life, love, and loss.

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  • Th_submerged2
    • 16
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    *My first attempt at a fantasy/darker book. Please comment but don't be too harsh.* The Dark Lake is the place everyone avoids for its…

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  • Th_pederandmiri-1
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    Peder and Miri

    Peder and Miri have been friends forever--and sparks are finally staring to fly two years after Princess Academy ended. But right when…

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almost 4 years ago Nicole. H said:

Hi! I was wondering if you would help with a book I am writing? I will ask you questions band related. If you are fine will helping please message me.


about 4 years ago S.J. Bouquet said:

Not asking for a swap! Not asking you to join anything! you like music? Would you mind taking three minutes of your time to listen to Figment's very own Jessica Faith's song- "If I Told You"?

She has the opportunity to be heard by some big stars (Like...Kelly Clarkson). All she needs is for you to go to this link- That's it! :D Listen to her song and earn her a point! She needs 2000 points to be heard by the big shots. If you absolutely love her, share it on facebook or twitter and earn her ten more points!

If you're not interested, I'm so sorry to take up your time. If you are interested, you could make this girl's dreams come true! BY JUST LISTENING! :D


almost 5 years ago Koibito said:

Hey! Do you want to swap? If you do, please read Over a Cup of Coffee, linked here: Thanks! Tell me what you want me to read on my story's comments or review.


almost 5 years ago Ignorant-to-Life said:

Hey!could you read and heart if worthy, my short story "Immortality Bites" The short story, not the novel (Although if you liked the short story, definitely go ahead and read the novel)


almost 5 years ago Lauren Calista said:

Hi! :) I'm sorry to bother you but I would love to do a swap. If you are interested, please read The Ladybug. If you like it, please give it at least a heart. Then let me know what of yours you would like me to read. :) Thank you. Xo

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(over 6 years ago)

That was so creepy. Just wow. Amazing. Read More »

Bloody Elegance

(over 6 years ago)

I love the Hunger Games! Great job! It got kind of sad, but great idea and it's an AMAZING way to use the prompt. Read More »