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over 3 years ago Sam Rach said:

Hey hey hey! Just joined the Syco RP (it's easy to refer to that way :) ) and I just wanted to ask if you could look over my Sycolibrian character. I want to make sure I didn't do anything horribly wrong, ya know?


over 3 years ago JJAqua said:

I seem to can't see your pic of your OC on the TDI rp? Do you want us to open up the rp anyway? btw I love your character this is gonna be good! "I'm from Pari" it's weird that I actually can hear a french lady talking when I read that.


over 3 years ago JJAqua said:

Do you want me to post an Oc for you? Based on what your character is like? (TDI RP)


over 3 years ago Karkalicious Queen said:

Angels, who have taken to calling themselves 'hunters', have been sent to balance out the good and evil that's been growing for years. The angels, however, have found that the evil has taken a new form- supernatural creatures, things that aren't human and shouldn't be living alongside the humans. The angel's purpose is to weed out these creatures- the werewolves, the vampires, and all of the other nasty little beasts- until the balance of good and evil is equal again.

Did you expect the creatures to lie down and die without a fight?


There's a war going on now, a war that's disguised to the human eye, but a war that's very dangerous all the same. The creatures are mad, and when these creatures get mad, it's not pretty.

Will you restore the balance? Or will you fight back?


Oh- you happen to be an RPer? What a coincidence. I just made a new roleplay! Perhaps you'd care to join?

I hope to see you there!

*I'm sorry if I already posted on your wall and forgot. I know some people delete advertisements right away, so if I don't see my advertisement there, I'm gonna put it there.


over 3 years ago Mercy Davis said:

Alright! You are now in the groups. The first step, as ever, is to make your character(s)! Have fun and be creative.

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