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    Fear in a Handful of Dust

    A collection of fanfics I've written for the Grisha Trilogy (Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm), by the wonderful Leigh Bardugo. Haha, …

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  • Typetriggers
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    There's this website called typetrigger(.com) that gives a prompt every six hours or so (maybe 4 or 5? idk), and lets you write someth…

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    Heroine: A SoulSilver Nuzlocke

    Based off the Greco-Roman tale of Cupid and Psyche. And by the way, I guess this is Pokemon fanfiction. For those of you who don't kn…

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  • Consequences
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    See, I don't just write fanfics and random drabbles. I write about mood swings with barely disguised education rants thrown in. Th…

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    Wow, I can't believe I've been such a silly fangirl... my writing... REVAMP NEEDED. Illusion and Mist, snow leopard cubs, have just f…

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    Soul's Defiance

    Psykhe and Eros, my version. For the Girls with Grit contest. I need to improve! I'd really appreciate some feedback!

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over 2 years ago MidnightOWolf said:

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about 3 years ago Daniel Jimenez said:

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New mee

over 3 years ago Charlie the Unicorn said:

hi! idk if you still use this site, or if you remember me, but we used to RP together before i deleted my account and left... i think my username was Elizabeth or something similar? but hi!


over 3 years ago Spyder (Online?) said:

Hi, there! I was reading through forums when I saw your post. Greek/ Roman mythology rocks, I definitely agree! I just started a group called "Rick Riordan Fan Group!!!" and was wondering if you'd like to join. If so, just gimme a heads-up and then go right on ahead and join the group! Well, see you there! ~Angelina

PS: This is a copied and pasted message, though the meaning is meant for you! Sorry if you don't like these kind of messages; my bad!

Picture of me 9

over 4 years ago Dimples said:

Ah, same~ My teachers are killing me... two essays given out today and like about two weeks for each(luckily one is due a day later than the other).

Well, it would depend. She played Bianca and Cheren in BW, those two are quit common in the story line of that game. She played the rival in P/D/Pl, and that's kinda hard to do. And in HG/SS She played one of the two Main characters.

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(almost 5 years ago)

I agree with the former review: this is in progress, so write first and edit later! But do keep in mind that without correct grammar, it ... Read More »

Kat and (Under)Dawg

(over 5 years ago)

This was good! A classic rich-meets-poor love story... However, it feels a bit unrealistic. The mother was kind of silly, and the chan... Read More »