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    Emberwing's Destiny

    Emberkit of ThunderClan is adventurous, intelligent, and dreams of greatness. But will dreams be the downfall or destiny of this tiny …

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    Flowers and Flies

    Beautiful cover done by EmpressSavvy99! Thanks, friend. ~~~~~~~~ This is just a silly little poem I wrote throughout the school day.…

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    If You Are Unhappy

    NOT MY WORK! My grandmother showed it to me, and I thought it was hilarious. Enjoy!

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    The Neon On the River

    This is my entry for the King Dork Approximately Contest! I have many favorite songs, especially Neon River by -who else?- Keane. Thei…

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    This is not exactly a poem, but not exactly a story. This is something I wrote a while back in my diary. Stick with me on this. Sorry …

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    For You

    I thought of this while walking the halls before school. This is a poem for someone... Dedicated to anyone has a crush. (._.)

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Talk to me!

Drawing 9 out of 14

about 2 years ago Animal's Heart said:

I posted in the BarnClan discussion in the BarnClan group, also. :)

Drawing 9 out of 14

about 2 years ago Animal's Heart said:

I'll try to help as much as I can.

Drawing 9 out of 14

over 2 years ago Animal's Heart said:

Yeah, I'm sorry. >.< I'm being driven crazy by school and science fair crap. I sent you the email with the permission forms on them, and soon I'll send you the story options.

How was your break, though?

In other news, we're reading Romeo and Juliet in English, and my teacher thought it'd be a good idea for us to read it aloud and for each of us to have our own parts and such. So, being my typical socially-awkward self, I was like "okay, I'll probably get a slightly smaller part like a servant or something." She starts calling people to be certain parts, and she eventually gets to Romeo, and I'm thinking: "I won't panic if I don't get Romeo and Juliet. Otherwise, I'm pretty screwed." Right at that moment, she's like, "Emily, you don't have a part, right?" And I'm just thinking 'oh shit' and reply, "No..." And I got Romeo. My friend Peyton (girl) got the role of Juliet, and we were reading Act 1 Scene 5 today in class, and it's the scene where Romeo and Juliet first meet. So, we're both being very awkward about the crummy love crap, and I'm just thinking "Thank goodness we aren't ACTING this play, because its only Act 1 Scene 5 and they've already kissed TWICE.

Red hart

over 2 years ago Rachel D. said:

Haha, thanks, that's so sweet! Feel free to stop my by library to read my stuff any time!

Red hart

over 2 years ago Rachel D. said:

Thanks for the love on my stuff and/or the reactions, too, I appreciate it!

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