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  • New lithosphere cover
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    New Lithosphere

    When the New Lithosphere appears, destroying and replacing parts of the UK and France with another universe, the prospect of war looms…

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  • Two robbers cover
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    Two Robbers and a Constable

    A constable, a highwayman and a lord cross roads. Winning entry for the July Challenge 2014: "In 750 words or fewer, create a chara…

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  • Mindscape cover
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    In a world where a touch could mean a mind ravaged and a life lost; in a world where betrayal and machinations lurk at every corner; i…

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  • Kill kill cover
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    Kill Kill

    Does he know she's in love with a dying man? Inspired by Lana Del Rey's song, Kill Kill. Written for the King Dork contest: "In 250 wo…

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  • Asphyxia cover
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    After a horrific car accident, Ryn wakes up with no memory of the past five year of her life. Who was that person that died in the…

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  • Decay
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    The Decay of Our Love

    A portrait of our love in seven acts. A/N: non-explicit violence, abuse, alcoholism. Cover background from nature watercolour by mirte…

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10 months ago Phương said:

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(almost 2 years ago)

What a cute story! :3 Welcome to figment, by the way. I enjoyed lighthearted banter and the story's comedic value. Lily's childlike thoug... Read More »

With A Simple Roll Of The Dice

(over 3 years ago)

Hello Kat! :) Thank you for writing this story and sharing it with us. The new prologue definitely captures the audience's attention more... Read More »