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  • Forfeit cover
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    WIP "Enter this room, and your lives will be forfeit..." Thomas and his brother Levi have never seen the inside of the forbidden r…

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  • Artthoufallen
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    F-22 Velociraptor

    They've been extinct for years, but now they're back, smarter and more powerful than ever. These aren't normal velociraptors. They're …

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  • The house on the hill cover
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    The House on The Hill

    WIP Everest Ryder wakes up in a strange house, with no idea how he got there. Seven others are in the same predicament, and none of t…

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  • Edge of oblivion
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    Edge of Oblivion

    WIP Ekko has never known anything but Oblivion.She's learned to survive in the wasteland alone, rarely leaving her home except to scav…

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  • Evil game
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    Evil Game

    WIP Ara lives life on the edge. When you're a member of the criminal gang, Nex, it's part of the job description. It's also part of th…

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  • Artthoufallen
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    Art Thou Fallen

    WIP Six months after Sparaphon's fall, and he's living in a crumbling apartment in northern Philadelphia. At least he's never sho…

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Talk to me!


about 9 hours ago Artemis J. Potter said:

Congratulations on being a featured fig!

Catalyst 2

2 days ago Catalyst said:

You don't happen to be from VA do you?


2 days ago Penny Wing said:

I'm not trying to accuse you of plagiarism or anything; if you'll look real close my stories have elements from Calvin & Hobbes in them too.


2 days ago Penny Wing said:

The comic is called Calvin & Hobbes, and it stopped being published before you were born. I just know about it because my family owns one of the old books of it. I love it, I practically learned to read by reading it.


8 days ago Margaret K. Johnson said:

Your covers are all really nice! :)

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The Art of the Deranged Deviant

(17 days ago)

Part 1 Alright, first thing's first. Add a little more description here. What is the throne made of? What does it look like? Nameless... Read More »

Behind The Mask

(about 1 month ago)

The girl inside the mas *was* going to kill me Read More »