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    While Life Goes On

    Blink. That’s how fast your life can be over. The average person blinks about twenty thousand times per day. That’s twenty thousand ch…

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almost 5 years ago Julia A said:

I loved your story "While Life Goes On"! Could you read/heart "Imperfect?" please? Feel free to read any of my other writings! Thanks so much! Spread the word.


almost 5 years ago Brooklyn Hunter said:

Hey you! Guess what?! My birthday is in a couple days :)

I would really like a free read or a swap (I HAVE TWO!) I entered my short story To Infinity And Beyond (Yes, I realize that is a buzz lightyear quote. stick with me here. Its just a coincidence.) into the seventeeenmag 2012 contest and would like to reach 1000 for my big day! my other short Mr. Stones Girl into the Patterson contest with a goal of 500!

I really need your help! They total up to about 5 min, so Ill read anything 15 min and under.

But a free read would be an awesome birthday present on 2-26! Thanks for your time- BK :)


almost 5 years ago Classy-Queen said:

Hey! Time for a contest, I'm currently in, is running out! I'm falling way behind each day. It would mean the absolute world to me if you could take 3 mins to read my piece "Vengeance is Never Sweet". Trust me you wont regret it! Heart it if you find it as enjoyable as everyone else does. If you want to swap, just let me know on my wall. A free read would be awesome, but the choice is all yours.

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Spread the love and keep writing!



almost 5 years ago PER5EPH0NE said:

Hey! I'd absolutely love it if you could read "Dying Tears"! If you want me to read something of yours just post it on my wall! Thanks!


about 5 years ago Zaina K. said:

Hey, would you like to swap? Please read Leaf and I'll happily return the favor :)

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