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    Proof of Infatuation

    I'm in deep guys. *finished*

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    The Price of Perfection

    Once upon a time, there was a dazzling toxic world where beauty was everything, and nothing less.

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    A thoughtful, pointless, sensory piece, that somehow managed to turn out somewhat beautiful in the end. Also my first attempt at non-f…

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    While I Weep

    "Nobody chooses to be a vampire." - Meia Eroji. And this is the story of one of them. One who will wish forever... that she had nev…

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  • Customs,portrait,art,photography,b,w,drawing-c90758d6769561c4a72ed7e1dbfd0557_h[1]
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    The Optigon

    In future society, corrupt government is run almost completely by machines, and reinforced by humaniod automatons. Many of the humans …

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  • Sand,sea,shore-7abc164699c1af6e70d3213b43d6aae2_h[1] - copy[1]
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    Purple Sunsets

    The story of a plane crash, a paradisal prison, two survivors, a doomed love, and of course, purple sunsets. After plane crash lands …

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Talk to me!


over 2 years ago Grant Evan Nordine said:

Hello friend! Thank you for all your wonderful feedback up to this point and all the massive help you have been in my writing process. I wanted to let you know that I have a new contest piece up and I would desperately like to help it get more noticed. If you could be so kind as to check out my entry "Intolerably Stupid" I'd be more than happy to review anything you'd like. Thank you!


almost 3 years ago liv hardley said:

Hey lady. Long time no talk. Also haven't been on here in a while.. Just read Ache. Is everything with Ezra ok? Or not so much? I hope you're having the most amazing time. Don't forget that I'm always here, happy to hear your stories and soften the blow of homesickness (if there is any). I love you. M & B


almost 4 years ago Everest Neverlynn said:

Hi! My name is Glowing Star…. And I plan to be a future author (of course). However, I need to know if my works are worth publishing. Will you please read my new novel SouthEast and comment about what you think it needs or what you like? I’m sorry if I bothered you in any way, or if you are too busy to accept my swap request. It’s okay if you don’t want to do it, I just needed some critiques towards my novels.


about 4 years ago Victoria Guyadeen said:

Hey I was wondering if you'd like to swap. If so please read, Fight Like a Girl. I will read anything of yours in return, under 4 minutes long. Thank you so much for reading this. Have a great day!

Azula and guards

over 4 years ago Sophia Lenard said:

Hello Eyelet! Would you like to swap? I'll gladly read/comment or review anything of yours (as long as it isn't horror or romance, and is of similar length) in exchange for mine. Thanks! Just let me know what you want me to read on my wall.

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My Reviews

Washed Up

(about 4 years ago)

Hello lovely! Okay, I love this. It's absolutely singing of you. Like, this is your writing essence in it's pure natural state. The midd... Read More »


(over 4 years ago)

I liked this. You seem like a talented writer. :) A few notes though: The ending is a tad bit confusing. I know that he may have changed... Read More »