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    KeEp mE gUesSInG

    PoeTrY iS mOTioN.

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    Arisen From The Dead

    *For The Brandon Sanderson Contest!* Since this is a heart based contest, PLEASE heart!!! Goal: 70 hearts! About a female super …

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    To The Bone

    *Winner of the Winter Writing Contest* A girl wakes up, soon to learn that ice is radiating from her brain and that she's slowly turn…

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    *For The King Dork Approximately Contest!* My favorite song ever, Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez. ~Eve:)

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    Deliriously Adorable

    Carly Adams, full time geek, goes through high school with only three things: a bizarre imagination, abnormally incredible grades, and…

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    All At Once

    For March Matchup Round 1! A quote from the only book that matters at all… ~Eve:)

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over 1 year ago Sariya Camp said:


almost 2 years ago Konri Gakusha said:

Heyo, mind a swap? If so, please review "Hymn of the Wayward". In return, I will review one of your works(please give a good review, not a comment). If you like it, feel free to follow me for more updates :)

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about 2 years ago Margaret Hartland said:

Hey, wanna swap? If you read my story, The Venus Vanguard, I'll read any one of your's that you want. Thanks and keep on writing!

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about 2 years ago L. R. Bauer said:

Thank you for reading The Modern Girl's Guide to Necromancy. I appreciate it!

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My Reviews

You're Gonna Fly (INSPIRATION)

(almost 3 years ago)

This was incredible! If this is really true, then you really are going to fly! On any other story, I'd say, 'You keep the reader wonderi... Read More »

The Appearance of Snow

(almost 3 years ago)

Hey! Overall, I really like this piece. I really love your word choice. It has a really nice flow to it, great job with that. First... Read More »