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    Earth (Indus #2)

    Born and raised on Earth, she was always an outcast. Despite her many attempts to make friends at school, she was always labeled a fre…

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    Entry for the winter contest

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    Broken Home

    Sometimes it is really hard to feel like you are wanted. Even if it is your own family making you feel this way. But sometimes all it …

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    The Running Ink

    A book of assorted poems ^_^

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    Night Owl

    Starting new isn't exactly easy. For me I end up getting unwanted attention. But this time I am not so sure...

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    -COMPLETED- Time. Sometimes it seems irrelevant and other times it is very important. River is faced with time counting down around hi…

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My Reviews

The Flower's Fault

(almost 3 years ago)

I loved the imagery you used throughout the peice and I ultimatly found it to be breathtaking. Great job! Read More »

Together We Fall

(almost 3 years ago)

The beginning was very sweet, I found myself smiling through it. Then the pace quickened and got very intense. Not the ending I expected ... Read More »