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    Writing ghost stories

    Making the Dead Speak: Writing Your Own Ghost Stories is an excerpt from my book the GIRLS' GHOST HUNTING GUIDE (Sourcebooks, June 201…

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over 5 years ago Maia Sowers said:

Hello! How are you? Swap? If you could please read/heart/comment my story “Escape” I would love it! ONLY HEART IT IF YOU LOVE IT AND THINK IT DESERVES A HEART! It’s for the Don’t Turn Around Contest and I would really like to win! I’m so close to being one of the finalists and I need your help! I’m trying to reach a goal of 400 hearts by the 25th. If you would be an amazing person and do that, just let me know on my page and tell me what you want me to read! I will try to do it as soon as possible! Thanks!

PS- If you don’t do swaps or wall swaps I’m very sorry. Feel free to tell others about my story if you love it, thanks! If you get others to heart it, let me know and I will heart your whole first page! Please help me!


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