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  • Phoenix
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    They were once consumed by flames, but they will rise from those old ashes

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  • Photo
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    Winter in Philadelphia

    For the 215 Festival contest :)

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  • _alone_together__by_nirelleth
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    A young girl is trapped inside a white room all because she has never spoken a word to anyone. All she does all day is play with child…

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  • Fire
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    Don't Play With Fire

    A boy has a forbidden obsession with fire, it causes some real problems when he decides to play with it.

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    The Illusion of Betrayal

    Her best friend was in love with her, but the secrets that she holds may cause his heart to break.

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    A war between two forces split up three friends. Now one of them is lying in a iron cage waiting for death to take her when she gets a…

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Talk to me!


about 4 years ago Abby McGrath said:

Yes, this is a swap request. Yes, this is a copy-and-paste comment. Yes, I know you probably get these a lot.

However, my short story, "Healing Woods," is only FOUR MINUTES LONG, as opposed to most contest stories which are usually six. If you would please read this story, and, if you feel it is warranted, leave a comment, review, or heart, I will read something of yours as long as it is under 10 minutes or the first chapter of a novel.

I would really, really appreciate it, thanks so much.


over 4 years ago Keayva Mitchell said:

Hello! Keayva here - I was hoping yuu could take the time to read my new story Dial Me Up. I entered it into the Dare You To contest, but I'm really looking for crowd reaction (to see if I should expand it), so I'd love to know what yuu think. As always, if you'd like to swap, I have no problem with that - just let me know on my profile page. Thanks! =]

Dial Me Up


over 4 years ago A Girl That Writes said:

Sorry for the late response! I'll read something right now. Thank you for the swap :)


over 4 years ago Emily Drew said:

Wanna swap? Please read 'Botched It' and leave feedback if you have time! I will gladly return the favor! :)


over 4 years ago A Girl That Writes said:

Hey guise. I'm so embarrassed to say that I've been slacking off, and because of this my story, "the world of red skies" has been bumped down to the 11th spot in the redmoon contest.

I need hearts, and I am willing to swap for them. Please leave a lovely comment on my story, telling me how to improve my writing (I want it to be at its best for judging) and I will leave you a lovely comment in return. Post ON MY WALL what you want me to read of yours and I will get back to you soon :)

I love you guys, thanks for making all my dreams come true, A Girl That Writes

*im sorry if i post this more than once, just delete it if I have

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