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About Me: Just a sophomore in college that enjoys writing about Victorian magicians. My online literary magazine, 'Rainbow Reads', is currently open to submissions! Click the link above to learn more. Currently reading "The Eye of the World" by Robert Jordan. I am no longer doing covers for free. Contact me below and I will gladly discuss prices.

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  • Shortstoriescover

    Short Stories

    A compilation of short stories dealing with love, death, and the odd things in between.

  • Lucy_coverv2


    Not every love is as pure as it appears.


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3 days ago Tech said:

Well, you opened with a great "hook" line and even though some of it was gross :) the way you balanced humor with it was a great choice and made it compelling and fun. You better keep writing, because now my mind is wondering about the Changer, this world of strange gifts and those cast out on the Road of Exiles.

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4 days ago Nicolette Christiansen said:

Hey! Thanks for getting back to me. No problem! Hit me up whenever :)

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4 days ago Nicolette Christiansen said:

Hey there! Care for a swap?

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9 days ago Ellie Williams | UNAVAILABLE said:

Hello, Figgy Idol contestant!

After a long, arduous journey spanning over the past six months, the end is nigh. Only one round and three other eager writers separates you from victory. Will you be able to vanquish the competition and claim the title for yourself? I guess we'll find out. Head on over to the group to see last round's feedback and the final prompt.

Good luck!


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17 days ago Ellie Williams | UNAVAILABLE said:

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