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About Me: A writer is essentially a spy. There's always something that people in the world can't see about you, it's below the waterline. That only your readers know. Last book: PAINT IT BLACK. Working on: a novel set during the Russian Revolution.

Published Books

  • Paintitblack

    Paint it Black

    Josie Tyrell, art model, runaway, and denizen of LA's rock scene finds a chance at real love with Michael Faraday, a Harvard dropout and son of a renowned pianist. But when she receives a call from the coroner, asking her to identify her lover's body, her bright dreams all turn to black. As Josie struggles to understand Michael's death and to hold onto the world they shared, she is both attracted to and repelled by his pianist mother, Meredith, who blames Josie for her son's torment. Soon the two women are drawn into a twisted relationship that reflects equal parts distrust and blind need. With the luxurious prose and fever pitch intensity that are her hallmarks, Janet Fitch weaves a spellbinding tale of love, betrayal, and the possibility of transcendence.

  • White_oleander

    White Oleander

    Everywhere hailed as a novel of rare beauty and power, White Oleander tells the unforgettable story of Ingrid, a brilliant poet imprisoned for murder, and her daughter, Astrid, whose odyssey through a series of Los Angeles foster homes-each its own universe, with its own laws, its own dangers, its own hard lessons to be learned-becomes a redeeming and surprising journey of self-discovery.

  • Kickjanetfitch


    A fifteen-year-old girl draws back from the false glamour of Los Angeles street life when an oft envied childhood friend becomes sexually promiscuous and overdoses on drugs.

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over 5 years ago Madison Pass said:

I read "White Oleander" this year, and I would just like to say that I think you are an AMAZING writer! More than half of my literary quote notebook is filled with quotes from "White Oleander". Anyway, thank you for writing it, it's one of my top 5 favorite books! :) Happy writing!


over 6 years ago *Don't Panic* said:

Hi I would love t read your books but I can't buy them.