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almost 3 years ago J. B. Scott said:

Calling all figgies... Hello this is J. B. Join Writers' World hosted by your truly. A place to call your own .... and also to get books read.

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about 3 years ago Ava Snow said:

Hi Salina :D I had a big favor,and question to ask, do u do free reads? Could you please read Behind The Mask? It's one of my new stories. If you don't do free reads we could swap too :) Leave me a comment short or long about what u thought. Plz and Thx U -A❄️


over 3 years ago Amethyst Rising said:

Hi! Would you like to do a swap? If so, please read "Circumstances Pertaining to Yours Truly" and I'll be glad to return the favor by reading a story you have up on Figment.

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over 3 years ago Chantelle Regnier said:

Open to swaps? If so, could you read My Herd, My Home, My War? Message me whatever you would like me to read. Only Heart my work if it deserves it.

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almost 4 years ago Linda D said:

Odd, random request here. I am going through the process of deleting ALL my wall comments, just because I tend to lose track of things, and by keeping a clean desk(top) so to speak, I will tend to remember things better.

What has this to do with you? Well over two years ago, we did a swap. And you gave a comment back that whatever you read of mine made you laugh, and you enjoyed a good comedy.

Now…do I have a comedy for you. “If the Shoe Fits” is an absurd re-telling of Cinderella. I will be veru much surprised if it doesn’t make you laugh.

There! I have thrown down the silly stick…dare you pick it for the challenge?

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I love this story. It is a great story and the way you wrote it was brilliant. The descriptions were amazing and the way you started the ... Read More »