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    Flumina Sunt and Other Poems

    This is a collection of much of my poetry from 2014. I will add one poem every day, for your enjoyment! :) Please comment/review and l…

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  • Aurora borealis
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    Aurora Borealis

    {GRAND PRIZE WINNER OF MARCH MATCHUP 2016!} Appendicitis, lupus, and extra weight. It isn't easy.

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  • Ethelwulf of wyvern
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    Ethelwulf of Wyvern

    {WINNER of Round 4, March Matchup 2016.} A wyvern is a two-legged dragon used in heraldry.

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    Dream Catchers

    {WINNER of Round 3, March Matchup 2016.} I'll be a dweam catter.

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    {WINNER of Round 2, March Matchup 2016.} They see us as sinners when our actions are like saints'. Good will triumph.

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    I Kind of Lost My Time Machine

    {WINNER of Round 1, March Matchup 2016.} Terry-Lynn is a steampunk time traveler and loses her time machine on the first try. I want t…

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about 1 month ago C. Van Asch (Chesster) said:

Figment is moving to Underlined! Either transition when Underlined opens or find a new writing website. Save your writing!



10 months ago David Livingston Hawkins III said:

I usually don't spam but my new poetry collection DEATH AND ALL HIS FRIENDS and I'd love to have feedback. Please leave your thoughts and tell me your favorite poem of the collection!


12 months ago Abby A said:

Hey there! Do you want swap? I can read your story and in return you can read my poem Who She Wasn't. Thanks!


over 1 year ago Val Red said:

Hello, Eastlyn Ullmann!

I was wondering if you would like to swap! If so, then could you please review the first two chapters of my upcoming novel, "Ghosts at Midnight"? I will review anything of similar length, between 2-13 minutes. Your honest opinions are welcomed and highly appreciated! I enjoy constructive criticism too! Please comment on my profile if you would like to swap! Thanks, and have a wondrous day writing :D

Link: Ghosts at Midnight (novel)


over 1 year ago Kayla Margaret said:

Hi! I was wondering if you can read a book I'm working on, Crimson. Could you please read the first chapter and leave a comment or heart? Thanks!

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Paper Swans

(about 1 year ago)

This was very, very good! The creativity and uniqueness shine through so brightly. The only corrections I have are stylistic and grammati... Read More »


(over 1 year ago)

Bad news first: As you said in your description, there is an abundance of run-on sentences. Good news: The plot was interesting enough th... Read More »